The Long Wait Begins

So Summer League is over from the Raps perspective. It is now the start of the long wait till training camp. Last season that wait had some Olympic Basketball to fill the void. Canada was trying to qualify to Olympics. We would then have the Olympics themselves. In this gap of time there will be lots of time to talk about the Raptors and the season to come. I will also do my best as always to line up guests for the Dino Nation Blog's starting 5. I am working on a number of interviews that I hope will come together. Some will be with the regular guests you have come to expect here at the Dino Nation Blog and as always I am trying hard to bring more guests into the mix.

When we have this down time it sometimes makes it easier to get guests and sometimes a bit harder. After all it is the off-season for a lot of our guests as well. Hopefully you got a chance to read my recap of yesterday's game. Holly Mackenzie filed her recap as well on The Court Surfing Blog on Score.com...Check it out.

It seems people like Holly here at the Dino Nation Blog. She is the most searched person or item on our search engine you can find on the right. You can also find a link to the blog's Facebook fan page. I have let things slip in updating it, but I am going to get back in the habit of doing so.

My weekly radio appearance on Off The Bench is now on Friday Night's from 12:15-12:45 am on CJLO. So if you are up late and home on a Friday night give me a listen here. I am always looking for chances to get on the air and do my thing. I am much more comfortable doing that kind of thing. My vocabulary in conversation tends to be better than it is in the written form.

I keep telling myself I am going to take some kind of mini-vacation from working. I always say it but who knows if I actually will do it. If I do probably might take a few days in August to chill. I am going to take the weekend and chill out unless something comes along. Best way to keep tabs on the blog is to follow me on Twitter @dinonationblog.

My 3 Stars of Raptors Summer League

3rd Star- Brent Petway- Hey I admit that I was pulling for him from the start and he did deliver. If I was being fully objective maybe Patrick O'Bryant could slot in here. But I think Brent earned his spot. Let's just hope he makes the league be in Toronto or somewhere. 14 put in work on the Raptors roster. He also was nice enough to thank both the organization for the chance and the fans for the support. Classy guy and a Wolverine what is not to love?

2nd Star- Quincy Douby- Lot's of jokes from me about the motivation of going to Memphis and what it can do to someone. But whatever the reason Quincy Douby was on a mission. Would have been nice to see him pass some more as was suggested by some. But he did score the ball well and made a clutch shot to close off summer league. He did well and deserves praise.

1st Star- Demar DeRozan- When you are a first round lottery pick you sure hope that you are sitting in this spot. Demar Derozan started off slow but once he got his feet wet he was off and running. Derozan looks to be a guy that wants to work hard and will no be content. In his post game interview yesterday he talked about watching film and looking for ways to improve on what he can. Sure there is room for that but it was a great beginning for the guy I am calling "Heir Canada". Not my nickname but saw it and love it and I am keeping it. Demar proved he is a keep as well.

Keeping it short on a Friday...Enjoy the Weekend Folks!!!

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