Rasho Return A Done Deal

According to Doug Smith of the Toronto Star the Toronto Raptors will be getting back a familiar face in that of Rasho Nesterovic. After a year in exile in Indiana Rasho has returned to the birth place of his first child to play for the Raptors once again. Nesterovic is said to have signed for the for the Bi-Annual Exception which is basically about 1.9 million dollars. If the talk was correct, it is very likely Rasho left money on the table to return to Toronto. It was said that other NBA teams were looking to sign the veteran big man. It was also said he could have taken several offers in Europe. So this likely means the Raptors roster is just about complete. The Carlos question remains or if not the Raptors would have to sign someone to a veteran minimum contract. Which at this point I would favor given what we know about the Raptors cap and the likelihood the NBA Cap number is expected to dip.

But start the parade cause on of the nicer guys who has rolled through Toronto is back where he belongs.This Raptor Roster is looking pretty impressive on paper. Rasho struggled at times in a reserve role in his time with the Raptors. However in Indiana by the end of the year he was back in a reserve roll playing behind "Raptor Draft Pick" Roy Hibbert.

Here is a link to the story from Doug Smith(Toronto Star)- Rasho Deal Is Done

Chris Bosh also just Tweeted this-
@chrisbosh Welcome back Rasho. To which The Dino Blogger total agrees.


  1. Raptors have $5.11-5.125 M. remaining before Tax Level. Calculate next year cap drop as 2.5% (low end - expected) - 5.5% (high end - feared).

  2. Welcome back Rasho!

    It's really great to get a player who will do what is asked, when they are asked, play hard all the time, and is competent at their position. Never saw Rasho sulk or takes plays off. Never saw Rasho show any signs of discontent as he moved from starter to reserve, to DNP-CD, and back.
    Rasho will struggle against quicker players (as do most centers) but the Raps couldn't ask for a better reserve for their roster.

    Looks like BCo is in no rush to fill that 15th spot. And when one looks at the revamped roster, there is little reason to take on another player unless they are a significant upgrade to Wright - Not sold Delfino is that player!

    Great job by BCo thus far.