Vegas Jack 15

It seems that Raptors may just in fact land their guy in Jarrett Jack. Mike Wells writes in the Indy Star this "I'd be shocked if the Pacers matched the offer because they have no intention of going over the league's $69.9 million luxury tax next season." Here is a link to the full story. So it is looking good for the Raptors according to someone that follows the Pacer beat. I personally thought the Raptors should have explored jumping into the draft and getting Jack back when he came into the league. I have no idea if the Raptors considered that back then but doesn't matter now. I am just saying that this idea made sense to me even back then.

So what is next for the summer of B.C? Well you would think once the final verdict on Jack is known the Raptors will move fast to complete the picture. Rasho Nesterovic should be a solid bet to come back home after that terrible trade to the Pacers. Perhaps a player on the summer league roster could get a look? Early returns on that front would say Smush Parker or my guy Brent Petway. I would not hold my breath even if they rock the house the rest of the way. There are 3 more Raptor games left in summer league Today on the menu is the Hedo Turkoglu Bowl as the Raptors take on the Portland Trailblazers. The Raptors are 0-2 after a 1 point loss to the Lakers and 4 point loss to the Pistons. This will be the debut for the Portland Summer League entry.

So that is a 5 pm start for those of you that paid the 15 dollars(U.S Funds) to have the right to watch Summer League. For everyone else if you look around the Internet you may just be able to find it for free. The fact the league is charging for Summer League is really bogus. They showed the Orlando Summer League for free. Although based on the commentators they had they really should have paid you to watch it. But the point is Summer League is same be it in Orlando, Vegas or Utah. It all is the same. This is just another sign of the league maybe being desperate to make a buck. However why take it out on your hardcore fan base by charging them to watch Summer League. The answer is simple because they can.

I will be back later today with some form of recap from the Hedo Turkoglu Bowl. I doubt Hedo will be in attendance in Vegas. Still this could be the first win of summer league for the Raptors. Will see if they can pull it off. Win one for Hedo!!!


  1. Watched parts of the 2 SL games (for free). But it's painful. No real flow, looks alot like pick-up. Was hoping for more from Roko, but after watching him, the Jack deal looks very prudent. DD does have game, at least in SL.

    A number a analysts are questioning the Jack signing based on the Raps PG depth and Jack's supposed contract.
    But, if you look at who's left in FA, there is no guard with better numbers that you'd consider a strong team player and Jack is good enough to start if JC goes down for any length of time. (And, the Raps don't really have PG depth - prospects yes, depth no)
    And, the internet muttering about signing AI or going after Nate is froth with risk and in no way matches the team's personality.

    Still wondering if Matt Barnes might be available for the bi-annual exception, its pretty hard to see either Delfino or Klieza coming for that. But Wright and George do make very acceptable 2nd or 3rd string depth on any team and can challenge Jack for SG minutes if he can't handle the defensive assignments.

    Maybe BCo fills the remaining spots with rooks/SL tryouts, unless the team experiences several overlapping injuries it probably doesn't matter! Can't see any of the guys on the SL team being any more than practice players (DD excepted). Letting Rasho retire a Rap might be a nice touch? He's well liked and still serviceable, and more importantly, cheap.

    I really like how this team has been put together. After Jack is on board, will we see the Raps take a break? Or will BCo make a couple of more signings worthy of note?


  2. Jack can play 1 and 2 and Banks and Ukic are about as much depth as you and me at this point. Well that is extreme but you get what I am saying.

    Rasho plus perhaps another and if we get a Banks buyout perhaps they keep some non roster guy on the summer league roster but like I said if I am those guys I would not bank on that no pun intended.

  3. Bye bye to Ukic....