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First off the top if you are home late tonight and want to listen to be online on the radio you can check me out on Off The Bench on CJLO. Should be on at 12:15 am. We will talk about the week that was for the Raptors and the NBA.

If you don't follow the blog on Twitter now is a good time. @dinonationblog on Twitter. Seems I had a bunch of spam accounts following me. My followers dropped by like 200. I was like what the heck did i do to offend 200 people? Oh well I still have over 500 real followers(Thanks Tweet Followers) . But there is always room for more.

I have noticed that a lot of Raptor fans are excited/restless for the season to get going. But there is still all of August to get through. There is no rush is there? Not that I would not mind hitting the fast forward button myself. It is not easy to come up with ideas to keep writing a blog each day with very little new to go on. But some how I manage to do it as do others on a daily basis. But after awhile you run out of ways to say that Bryan Colangelo is a pretty smart dude. There is only so many times you can debate the last 2 spots on the roster. You can only rave about Demar DeRozan so much. I mean it is true he has yet to play a game in the NBA. There are only so many Marcus Banks jokes that any one person is capable of.

I suppose we could talk about the WNBA but really do many people pay attention to that league at all. Realistically would it even still exist without the support of the NBA. The fact the Shaq is the guest G.M of WWE Raw to be honest is more exciting to me. The WNBA is in reality much like NFL Europe in terms of it is a league that could not stand on it's own 2 feet. I mean when have I paid attention to the WNBA? Let me think about it. There was that pathetic display when they had a dunk and stopped the game. That was a few years ago. I did watch the debut of Candace Parker. I also watched the outdoor game they held last season. But I admit, the fact Johnathan Coachman was calling the game was more interesting to me, than the game itself. Oh and we had that brawl last year between the Sparks and some other team. I think it was Detroit? They are the Shock right? Not exactly a great set of events to get me to watch is it?

You know what would be cool actually? A Video Game League of NBA players going at. A lot of players are into it and I would watch. T.J Ford is involved in a website of former University of Texas ballers called Texas360now.com. He took on fellow Texas Longhorn Kevin Durant as the two went to battle playing NBA 2k9. Check it out.

Find more videos like this on Texas 360 Now

Sadly looks like T.J took the L. But I think it be a hoot to see a series of NBAers going at it through out the summer. EA makers of NBA Live have had in the past held a 8 man tournament at all-star weekend. There is also a similar style even the NFL puts on for NFL players. From the Raptor prospective I remember when The Score's Cabbie took on CB4 at a game of Madden and was soundly thrashed. Cabbie lost a bet the two had made and had to be a ball boy at Raptors game wearing the old school short shorts.

It's clear baseball is not the answer as the Jays have not been a contender and by the looks of things won't be anytime soon. I personally watch the CFL but here in Hamilton there has not been much to cheer about in years. But hey the Ti-Cats are 2-2 after losing to Montreal last night.

I could throw out the idea of a Canadian Basketball League that could run through the summer months. However let's face it in a good economy would that idea have a snowballs chance of working? In this economy clear there is no chance at all. Hamilton once had a team in some lesser league of basketball called the Skyhawks. I have no idea what a Skyhawk is? I mean is there some form of hawk that does not fly that I am unaware of? Anyway that was short lived. To be honest as much of a basketball fan as I am never even attended a game.

Once Summer Leagues ends you really understand that the dog days of summer are here for the NBA fan. People tend to be so basketball starved that Summer league itself gets overblown. However I am not to the point I was willing to cough up 15 bucks. I know it is tough economic times and all but the NBA charging for that really did not make a ton of sense to me. Thanks to the TSN 2 mess last season most Raptors fans have learned that there are ways to find these things without having to pay the piper so to speak. That will be the first and last time TSN 2 gets thanks in this blog.

Looks like Brent Petway will only be a Raptor for the Summer League. He is taking his game to Europe to play in Athens Greece next year. But I am going to be talking with him for the Dino Nation Blog to get his take on Raps Summer League and his own career.

Got a number of guests coming for the blog coming up. Working on getting bunch of interviews booked. What I do know is Jack Armstrong should be stopping by sometime next week. There has been a demand for him to sign up on Twitter. I doubt I will convince him too. However there is a heck of a lot of lot of Raptor moves to talk about with him. Also going to have Eric Smith coming soon as well. Those are the ones I know for sure. Some others are being worked on as well. I am going to really do my best to load up on guests for August. After all like this whole blog has talked about there is not a lot going on. So that always makes a good time to hear from others and get their thoughts and opinions.

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