T-Dot Is Now "New" Jack City

I mentioned this in the live blog this afternoon. New Jack City is one of my all time favorite movies. I use to own the video tape and loaned to to friend when he was going on a road trip for football. Sadly it was lost and not returned. Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown was just one of the best roles Snipes has ever done. Ice-T is also one of my favourite all-time in Rap music. So I guess this makes the theme song for the Raptors this year New Jack Hustler?

There is no doubt this team is going to have more hustle and fight to it. From the first move of the summer adding Reggie Evans to the move today that brought Jarrett Jack to T.O. There is a new attitude and look to this Raptor team. Demar Derozan is tweeting daily about the work he is putting in. Jarrett Jack spoke about pushing Chris Bosh beyond to get to new levels. Not to just be happy with being a gold medalist and a multi time all-star. But to reach the brass rings of winning titles and M.V.P's. Having someone that is a good friend may just be able to do that. We all have people in our lives that can say stuff to you and that you will take to heart and act on it. Something they would say if said by someone else may not have the same impact as if said by that person. I mentioned that friend who borrowed my New Jack City tape. He was the star on the high school football team I played on. In being that a lot of people would tell him how great he was. I was one of his closer friends and I never did that. Instead I would always offer solid advice and never pump up his ego. I figured he had enough people to do that. I think he counted on me to be real with him and give him the honest truth, not just what he wanted to hear, but sometimes what he needed to hear.

I have no more insight into the relationship of Jarrett and Chris than anyone else. However if their relationship is anything like the one I had with my friend in high school it could be just what Chris Bosh needs. To stay motivated to win and not just win but win here with his friend. It seemed pretty clear by Bosh being in attendance for the press conference that this was something different. Sure he was excited about Hedo signing but he was not there for that. Now he was in town shooting for his DVD. However I think that was just a happy coincidence but regardless I think he would have been there. Jack said when he called Bosh and told him the news that Chris though he was pulling a prank. But it was very real.

Also you are hearing a message from Chris of late as well. This team has to get better at all positions including the 4 and that is me. He posted a couple clips of his workout on Twitter today. Although there is a fun side to Bosh with all the tweets and making DVD's and all of that. He does work hard at his main craft of being a basketball player as well. I think that point is lost on people. Chris Bosh wants to win and that has not changed.

Sure he is a much different guy from the some what shy introverted guy that first arrived in Toronto. However at the core of it all he works hard at everything he does. People may focus on his off court endeavors and some look at them with hate. I see a guy that is just flat out smart and knows how to have success beyond what he does on a basketball floor. He is a pioneer in a lot of things he has done. One of the first athletes that has truly understood how to take this new technological based world we live in and use it to his advantage. What is that expression don't hate the player hate the game. But the truth of the matter is that he has been at the front of creating a whole new game with Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and his own website. There is a real true genius about it all. However I think Bosh understands that at the end of the day it is how he is as a player that is what drives the whole thing.

Whenever I see comparisons of Vince and Chris it just makes me sick to my stomach. In this latest move bringing in Jack people have again brought in the Carter comparisons. But C.B never demanded that Jarrett Jack be a Raptor. Bryan Colangelo was just smart enough to see the benefit of it. Jarrett Jack as I have been saying in the past few days would make a good fit regardless of Bosh. However for all the reason stated in what has been written here, there are some obvious benefits to this. Chris is not anything like a Vince Carter. People in Orlando may find that out the hard way this season.

Jack is a tough minded guy and you could hear that in some of his words today. There have been a number of failed matches with Chris over his time in over his time in Toronto. However maybe the one that he had when he was the ACC Freshman of the Year and became a #4 selection in the NBA draft was always the best one.

This may not be New Jack City. However there is a new attitude and swagger back in T-Dot. Not sure if it matches the swagger of a NIno Brown or a Gee Money. However let's hope it is not because if you have seen the movie it does not end up so good for them. Bryan Colangelo has successfully changed the script in Toronto and now it is up to Jay Triano and his staff along with these players to get it done. Still a few more additions to be made but the foundation has been set.

Can this movie have a happy ending that sees Chris Bosh remain a Raptor? That is the ultimate question that this season is going to determine.


  1. New Jack City? Ice-T? Jeez Borbath, isn't there anything more relevant the Raps remind you of? MC Lyte? Salt n Pepa maybe?

  2. I don't think you got the point but hopefully others do.

  3. Oh I got the point. Because I'm 45. My son's the one who wanted to know why you were talking about something called "video tape" and things that happened before the war.

  4. I did think of adding a line about what a video tape was actually..LOL.

  5. It's also important to note, since we're on the subject of hustle and toughness, that Wright is also a guy that brings a great deal of toughness to this team.

    In an interview today with the fan 590, Colangelo recalled a conversation he had with Rick Carlisle of the Mavericks earlier this month. This is what Rick had to say about Wright (who as you'll recall STARTED for the Mavs)- "He was my toughest guy and my best perimeter player. He guards 3's 2's and 1's"

    that's huge for the raptors.

  6. Yup I heard that interview as well B.C seemed like a pretty happy guy.

  7. Hah, great movie reference. chris rock was great in it also