Andre Aldridge Of NBA-TV In Starting 5

Sometimes I am asked how some of the guests I get end up in the Dino Nation Blog. I will tell you how I got this one cause it is neat story. I have mentioned like most of the free world, I have embraced Twitter
(@dinonationblog). One of the folks I follow on there is @NBATVAndre. Which is Andre Aldridge of NBA TV. Any time I fire a comment off his way, I usually would get an answer back. So I figured why not ask if he would like to come visit the Dino Nation Blog and all of us Raptor Fans up here in Canada. I was happy to get a positive response. It took awhile to put together because of his busy schedule and my own. But we were able to get together today for what I found to be a very enjoyable chat talking about a bunch of topics. Thoughts on the Big Shaq trade to him showing some school pride for his fellow Trojan our draft pick Demar DeRozan. As well as some talk about CB4 and the Raptors season that lies ahead. Not to mention some thoughts on Ex-Raptor coach Sam Mitchell and TNT's Charles Barkley. I hope Andre had as good a time talking with me as I did in talking with him. So have a listen he also gives some love to Canada's own and The Score's own Cabbie.

So, this was a lot of fun and it was all made possible by Twitter. Combined with the fact the Andre was willing to do it. Hope to have him back again in the future. Oh and if any of you were holding out hope for a return of @CV31 AKA Charlie V looks like you are out of luck unless you live in near Detroit. It is said he signed a deal with the Pistons along with Ben Gordon. As it said at the end of the interview, I was doing Baseball tonight for the Score.com. So I will get caught up on what I have missed and have some thoughts tomorrow.

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