B.C Plan? Hedo? Ariza? LEE Huh?

I guess I am suppose to write something. Just not sure what is should be? According to many sources I am suppose to believe Bryan Colangelo is willing to pass out 50 to 60 million dollars to Hedo? That is a hell of a lot of pizza money. Portland and the Raps said to be the front runners. This is one time I am cheering really hard for Raptors to lose. Because if you lose in the end you will really win. That sounds very Yogi Berra like did it not? But it is true I do not just question if Hedo is worth that much now but I am convinced he is not in year 4 and 5 of that deal.

Meanwhile on the west coast it seems Trevor Ariza and the L.A Lakers are not ready to kiss, sign on dotted line and go win another title. This is the news that should get Raps fans excited. I would give Ariza a long hard look if I am Toronto. I gave a list of my targets at the wing on the Game Plan the other day when I called in.

1. Ariza- No Laker love to take a MLE for ring 2.
2. Artest- Talk he may go to Cavs? Oh yeah Shaq, King James and Artest coached by Mike Brown?
3. Marion- Talk he may be on Cavs list as well. That math is wrong. It will be about numbers for Shawn
4. Hedo- To much $$$, to much Pizza and to many years.

Also the wild card of David Lee who is an RFA might be in the Raptors plan? However is this not a way just to force the issue and screw over a Divisional rival? That seems more realistic to me. The Bosh rumours that will fly should the Lee contract not be matched by the Kincks. If the Raptors do in fact have an offer on the table for the Restricted Free Agent.

Looking around the league Pistons made the biggest splash of day 1. Gordon and Charlie V for big bucks. Dumars had to firs his coach in Curry and this may be his last stand. Once thought of as one of the best G.M's in the league now is starting to look more like his former back court mate in Thomas. This move basically takes Detroit out of the mix for 2010. No offence to Ben Gordon or Charlie V but they are not worth that. If you can not make a run at James or perhaps more realistically a Bosh have you not seriously missed the boat?

That is my quick take on the craziness. Back to checking on who is rumoured to be going where. Can i hit the fast fwd button to July 8th please.


  1. If the Lee rumours are true? Who knows? Say goodbye to CB4! No way BC isn't signing a legit starting 3 with that free agent money. NY would give anything to get Bosh - say Lee, Duhon, Chandler (numbers can be made to work, throw ins available) We could be looking at a Raps team with Ariza (or Marion), Klieza, Lee, Chandler, & Duhon (& Evans)as the adds. Likely saying bye to CB4, AP, & JG. Now that'd be a re-make worthy of BC's first year with the Raps!

    This week of waiting is killer - This is about the only thing the NBA could learn from the NHL.


  2. Yup is Lee comes there is no doubt Bosh becomes in play. Not sure if it is going to be a sign and trade like you are suggesting to this point it is not. The point about the NHL is valid and I think everyone knows I am far from a fan of that league. But they do have it right in terms of July 1st minus the 6 hours of T.V on TSN.

  3. Any news on Klieza ? I heard that BC is interested. How much would it be to sign him?

  4. Number I heard was something around 11 for 3 years? Grange just posted article on Klieza you should check out. He is on the Web Directory.

  5. if the offer for kleiza stands at 11 over 3 years how much of the mid-level do they have to go after a decent backup pg?

  6. Well the MLE and Cap have not been set but the Number people seem to be working on is 5.4, Kleiza is said to be 3-3.5 per season. So you are talking just under 2 million most likely? I took Broadcast Journalism to avoid math but I am sure this is right!!!