T.J Ford Visits The DNB

This is by far the biggest starting 5 ever. I have never hidden the fact this guest is one of my favorite players in the NBA. The two years he had as a Raptor were a great personal treat for me. I have been a fan of him even back to his days as a Texas Longhorn. Which is actually part of what we talk about. T.J along with some of his fellow Longhorns have put together a site called Texas 360.com. It is a site that is going to feature a lot of former Texas players and let fans get to see them in new exciting ways. We also talk about some NBA stuff as well. He talks about his two now former teammates in Jarrett Jack and Rasho Nesterovic. We talk about his return to Toronto and his thoughts on his time with the Raptors. This is a big moment for the Dino Nation Blog and hopefully it is only the start of bigger and better things for the future. Just like with all the guests we have it takes them willing to take time out to talk with me. I want to thank T.J for his time and wish him the best of luck in this upcoming NBA season and with his new venture with this website.

So hope you enjoyed that as much as I did doing it. The Dino Nation Blog has brought me a lot of cool experiences in the almost 2 years I have been doing it. This ranks right at the top of the list. So if you are still a T.J Ford fan like me go check out his website and show a former Raptors some love. Sign up and become a member on Texas 360.com. Other guys already on board include Kevin Durant, D.J Augustin, T.J Ford and many other former Longhorns. Hook'em Horns!!!

Oh and if you want to follow T.J on Twitter(If you don't already) he is @tj_ford


  1. TJ is one of the most exciting players in the league. Great interview!

  2. One of the quickest guys out there.

  3. Nice interview James. TJ is so soft spoken I had to turn up the audio to hear him properly.

    I have mixed emotions over TJ's Raptor tenure, as I admired his fearlessness in taking it to the hole and being the only Raptor not scared to take the shot in crunch time, but he sulked when he lost his starting job to Calderon and frustrated me when he could not finish a lot of lay-ups.

    Using TJ in a split change of tempo role with Jose was ideal for TJ, but he could not accept that and that is why he is no longer a Raptor.

    It would be interesting to know how much of a factor the point guard controversy at that time was real, and how much was played up by the media. Not being on the inside, there is no way of knowing, and at this point, it is behind us anyways, so we move on.

    Most importantly, I wish TJ a long and healthy injury free career, as he has already been through enough adversity in that area.

    Your next guest: Kobe (Talk to Cabbie for an intro lol as he has access)

  4. nice job, james. good to hear from tj.

  5. I have heard interviews with T.J in the past where he addressed the Jose/T.J situation and he has said basically he has said that he felt it was more the media and fans. He as you can tell seems to have no ill will towards Toronto.

    I would settle for Cabbie himself and not Kobe.

    Thanks to all of you for the praise. I am pleased anytime I can bring quality guests to you here at Dino Nation Blog and this qualifies as that.

  6. Nice to hear from TJ. Always seemed like a great guy.

    TJ was another in a recent growing line a PG who could effectively run a P&R with CB4 and turned those stats into a big long term contract. That contract was likely more of a factor in the trade than any issues with JC.


  7. Way to land T.J. Nicely done.

  8. Thanks again to everyone this was one of the biggest days for the Dino Nation Blog in it's history in terms of numbers. If you want to link this interview feel free just let people know where you found it please.

    Obviously thanks go out to T.J Ford for being a great guest and willing to reach out to his fans here in Toronto.