Camp Will Be Coming Soon.

I just want to point out something to you new on the site. I have added a chat feature to the DNB (Located on the Right>>>). So if you are looking to talk ball with me or other intelligent readers like you... please register for a chat name (Which takes under a minute) and get to know others that read the blog. One of the things the DIno Nation Blog has always tried to be about is giving basketball fans a place to find people that love the sport like them. I do live blogs, chats, fantasy games anything that can help the readers have some fun, that is something I am all for. Hopefully people take advantage of this latest edition to the blog.

So welcome to September. Hard to believe but by the end of this month the Raptors will be opening up training camp. The word on the street is that the Raptors will be returning to Ottawa to hold camp at Carleton University again. It will be a whole new crew from last year though. It is going to be a very exciting and interesting time once this collection of players Bryan Colangelo has brought together hit the floor.

So with that being said 10 things I am looking forward to this Pre-Season.

#10- Finding out who and what Sonny Weems is all about.
#9- Seeing how B.C refers to this group. I am guessing it will not be best team he has had in Toronto.
#8- Jack and Calderon playing on floor together. How will that work?
#7- Will Andrea take more steps forward? Want to see what he has got.
#6- Who has the Wright Stuff? Is it Wright or Belinelli or both?
#4- Reggie Evans battling and being tough...Bringing Back that Old School Oakley Ethic.
#3- A healthy Jose Calderon what can he do?
#2- Heir Canada starts his journey to take his crown. Demar DeRozan has me excited
#1- C B 4...The biggest season of his career and hopefully not his last.

Now for something that I am not looking forward to all that much. Canada taking on Argentina in the FIBA tournament. After the 2 games on the weekend I have lost all my passion for Canada and their chances to make it to World Championships. Games versus Argentina, Brazil and Dominican Republic all will not be easy. However I am stick to my plan to live blog the games. Canada tips off with Argentina at 4pm on The Score and I will be kicking off the Live Blog @3:45. So make sure you come back here and check it out. Canada could use your support. In addition so could I because it is not easy Live Blogging when there are not people there adding there 2 or even 3 cents to things.

Shout out to all the folks that have got into our Mock GM League people are really getting into it. Just 2 teams remain and there is still room for people to get in the game as agents. Sign up at PASPN.NET then use this link to join the league as a G.M or Agent. I am the Hornets G.M if you are looking for me. Which as I have said in the blog was my favourite team before the Raptors were around.

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