DNB Radio Thursday

You every had a week where you feel that you are 10 miles behind? That pretty much describes this week for me. You would think in the off-season that it would not be so busy. However it has been for whatever reason. However just like the mail (At least for 6 weeks) DNB Radio will hit the air @10 pm. A.I has God tell him to go to Memphis? D.D has landed in T.O. Season is fast approaching and that mean fantasy b-ball. Those are some of the things that might come up. I won't say God told me to do DNB Radio, but hopefully he gives me the skill and talent to make it good for all of you. There have not been much in terms of callers last few weeks. However you are always welcome to give us a shout at (347) 994 2767. If you can't afford the long distance call to NYC try coming back to Dino Nation Blog and use DNB Chat as I will check in on there during the show. So here is the link to episode 6 of DNB Radio that starts at 10pm every Thursday.

So please tune in if you are able to and if not you can check out the show right here on the site under the DNB Radio section on the right hand side of the site. So is DNB Chat as well.

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