Last Call Before Ottawa

Trying to get myself together before I get on the Road for Ottawa. Reggie Evans tweeted at me that it is cold up there in Ottawa. I have some experience with that. I had friends who use to play for the Ravens when they had a football team. I remember going out to Ottawa and waiting for their practice to end and freezing my butt off. But I use to have a lot of fun in my times in the city. It is a great town. I was there the last time the Blue Jays won the World Series. That was a long time ago. Now making the journey back to see what I can find out about this new Raptors team.

There is lots of things I would like to do. Will see how much of them I can do. But it is going to be a good experience to actually look from the inside even if it is just for a day. I am really excited to see a number of guys. Reggie Evans, Demar DeRozan and Jarrett Jack at the top of that list. That is just 3 of 9 new faces that are on this roster. In all honest it will be like going to an amusement park and trying to go on all the rides. I would love to talk with everyone. However that is no doubt impossible in just 1 day. I'll do my best that is why I put up the poll so you guys can help guide me. Demar DeRozan is winning at the moment. I will give the poll a look before I head out the door so you can vote and have your say.

I have not been around NBA players in many years. It is an experience when you get a chance to meet an NBA player. The first think that blows you mind is how tall these guys are. I remember the first time I saw Vince Carter. Now I knew he was taller than me but it was really amazing to see it face to chest. I never have met Chris Bosh or Andrea Bargnani but I did meet Alonzo Mourning and him sitting on a chair was the same height as me.

Anyway I am pretty excited and I admit a bit nervous which is rare for me. Doing interviews on the phone 1 on 1 is a much different animal from doing them in scrums with other media folks around of bigger stature than me. However I look forward to it and hope I can get some good from this experience.

Anyway wish me luck and if I can figure out how to make my computer work from Ottawa that is where the next Dino Nation Blog will be written from in a hotel room in Ottawa. Not being the most tech savvy person on planet earth it might not. But let's hope I figure it out. One way or the other I will share my experience with you all be it sooner or later.

Talk with you Friday.....Hopefully.

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  1. Talk to Amir Johnson. He seems like a funny guy, plus I think he'll contribute this season.