Fantasy B-Ball And More.

I am back at it for another week. Have been taken some time off here and there. But there is a long season to come so taking these days now when not much is going on. Marco Belinelli met the media on Friday and he seems very happy to be here. We are just 2 weeks out from training camp in Ottawa. It will be an important time for this team to bond and gel. Nice to see so many guys are in town early. Including Demar Derozan, who seems to getting use to his new home here in Toronto based on his tweets. It is almost time to take this team on paper and put it on the floor. Based on the majority of opinions out there the people in media and fans seem to think the Raptors have done well for themselves. It won't be long before we find out if that is in fact the case.

Fantasy Fix

Speaking of on paper kinda. Fantasy Basketball season is here. I have set up a league on Yahoo and there are only a few spots left as I did want to give everyone that played last year a chance to sign up again. They have had enough time now so if you want in the league id # is 134183 and password is dnb4life . I also have set up an ESPN Keeper league. If you would like to play in that please email me an e-mail that I can send you an invite to the league. My e-mail is dinonationblog@sourcecable.net drop me a line there and I will invite you to that league. People have told me they have had trouble finding the ESPN League so that is why. But it is called Dino Nation Blog and has same password as the Yahoo league above. The Mock GM league we have going on PASPN has been a lot of fun and a very active and great group. That is what I hope for these leagues as well. The goal in having these leagues is to allow you as a reader to have fun and interact with not just me but a number of other great fans like yourself. If we fill these leagues I will consider starting other leagues if there is demand for it.

Heard some interviews on Fan 590 on the Got Game show with Zack Cooper on the upcoming basketball video games. Both NBA LIVE and 2K10 look like they will be promising. I am a big fan of the sports video games and even though I am in my 30's and am far past my gaming prime I still enjoy them.

It is a lot better playing video games than with guns. Just ask Delonte West on that. I put this out on my Twitter but in case you do not follow me @dinonationblog . I have a friend in Spain that sent me this little video of Jose Calderon who I take it was doing some broadcasting for Euro Basket. Despite it being in Spanish. But here it is none the less.

So Leo and Jack go down Jose can fill in on the broadcast. I think we would all prefer seeing him on the floor. So that is a little bit of this and that to start the week.


  1. You getting Live or 2K? The Live demo is pretty solid, but I think 2K is gonna stay on top.

  2. likely will end up getting both when all is said and done