Not A Lot Left To Say

Sorry that yesterday I took an unplanned day off. I also have to take a week off from DNB Radio. I am going to be doing an NCAA Football game for The Score. Maybe Chris Bosh and Jarrett Jack will be checking it out, because it is their old school Georgia Tech taking on Miami. I have to be honest when it comes to the blog. I have reached a point that pretty much I feel that everything that can be has been said at this point. The Raptors have had as good a summer as anyone could have hoped for and imagined. Really over the next 2 weeks until training camp gets rolling there is not much that can be said. At least not that has not been said in this blog and elsewhere.

Still that does not take away the excitement that the season is rapidly approaching. The fact Bryan Colangelo has been so busy has really made the summer fly by to be honest. It seems like years ago that the Raps were playing out the string and winning games that honestly did not matter. Well starting on October 28th they will matter again. To be honest in this pre-season even though they do not matter in theory, it will be important for the Raptors. Once the schedule came out it became pretty clear the Raptors better be ready to roll from the start this season. If you took last year's squad and gave them this schedule they would be hard pressed to find a win in the first month. Even an easier game for the Raptors vs Memphis has got a little more challenging thanks to the addition of Allen Iverson.

If our recent poll means anything, it seems most will be watching both Demar DeRozan and Marco Belinelli close this preseason. Colangelo saying that Marco Belinelli has the potential to be a 6 th man of the year raised some eyebrows indeed. While for those who saw Demar DeRozan in summer league they walked away impressed. Marco may get a chance to meet with the Toronto Media, as he is expected in town ether today or tomorrow. He will also get to see his buddy Andrea who in back in Toronto. The gang is slowly assembling as the days till training camp grow shorter.

What will be interesting is if we will have NBA Refs to start the season. Yesterday the NBA Officials unanimously reject the latest contract offer from the league. Even though we all may have are beefs with the Refs from time to time. However with the odd exception they are the best of the best. If you watch any amount of NCAA basketball you will truly understand just how good they are. If we start the season with some form of replacement officials it will be eye opening. Here is all the labour details from The Star via the Associated Press.

This also brings to mind that after next season the Players Union and the NBA are preparing to go to war. So enjoy the NBA while it's here because the early signs for the next CBA negotiations are not looking positive at all. But it is very early to say what will happen and I hope that all sports leagues learned for the mess that was the NHL Lockout that wiped out an entire season. That being said when money gets involved people sometimes lose any common sense and do not think logically. I do have faith that David Stern is smarter than Gary Bettman and will find a way to make a deal. But that is still 2 years away and things can change as we are starting to learn in terms of the free agent frenzy that we are suppose to see next off-season.

So that is about all I have for you today. I do apologize for not having DNB Radio this week but I have to work as we do. But hopefully this conflicts will not come up very often.

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