Happy Media Day Dino Nation

The long summer officially ends today. It is Raptors media day and training camp is in Ottawa after that. The journey that is the 09-10 Raptors season has started. I will be trying to pay attention to all that goes on and you can check in here for updates through out the day. I am not at Media Day...maybe next year. However I know a few folks that will be. In fact if all goes well will have a guest later today. I have an exciting announcement though that I will make later in the week. Aside from all the picture taking and questions on how was your summer I'll try to give you the best of what I hear or notice. The Raptors are having a live blog from the event and I would suspect the Fan 590 and Raps T.V should have some form of coverage.

It is like the first day of school and there are lots of new kids in this class for the Raptors. I would place the over under on questions about Bosh's Hamstring at 137. Bet on the over. Questions about Hedo's health as well no doubt. Lot's of how do you like Toronto questions for all of the new guys. It can be a lot of the same old stuff. However with so many new faces at least you have a number of folks giving different answers. But the real point is this day marks the start of basketball being back and that alone is reason to get excited.

So check back with Dino Nation Blog for updates right here throughout the day. Also hoping to have a guest at some point after all the fun at the A.C.C is do


The first update of many today I would imagine. Raptors have a Live Chat going on Cover It Live which should be familiar to you folks. It is scheduled to start @ 12:30 and here is the link to it. The Game Plan will be broadcasting live from Media Day at the ACC on the Fan 590 starting at 2pm with Eric and Jack. Also Matt Devlin is now on Twitter (@RaptorsDevlin) and says Raptors T.V will have a wrap up of the day at 6pm. So those are some of the things you can check out if you want to be a part of Media Day.

Fan 590 broadcating on the Net from 1-2 pm from Media Day

Info over load as all of this goes on trying to tweet info for folks @dinonationlog so check that out and feel free to use DNB Chat over on the right.

Well that is about it for Media Day looks like, my head hurts from all of that info. May have a guest later on today and will chat about it all. If not I will do a summary of it all tonight or tomorrow. Also will let you know some exciting news shortly.

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