DNB Takes A Pause For A Day

8 years ago the sports world came to a stop. I am not sure if it is just me, but the events of 9-11 do not seem that long ago. It is an event that truly changed the world we live in. So many people had their lives suddenly come to an end. While the rest of us have had our life altered forever more. Everyday here in the Dino Nation Blog, I try to share my love of the sport of basketball . Sports are truly an escape from the realities of life. We all like to feel that sports are important and matter. But in the grand scheme of life, who starts, gets traded or wins, ultimately is not life and death. It is why I like covering sports to begin with, no matter what I write about in this blog, it is not going to impact on the things that really matter in this world.

It is important to keep the passion we have for sports in some kind of perspective. It is great that sports can bring us all together though. Sports do have a roll in life. In the week that would follow 9-11 the entire sports was gone. When sports came back it served as a way to get back to some kind of normalcy. Sports brings joy to people and hopefully in some small way this blog is part of that.

It really seems only right to leave talking about sports on this day to the side. Take this day to reflect on just how lucky we are to be here. There are thousands of people who on this day lost their lives. Let's not let by time passing, let us forget what was a truly tragic event that all of us lived through and experienced. The Raptors, The NBA and the sports world will still be here tomorrow.

I am grateful to have got to know so many great people through doing this blog. I wish each and everyone of you my best wishes. I think of this place as not just a basketball blog but as a community of people. If anything good came from the events of 9-11, it may be that we all realized that we are part of a larger community. May all of you that take time out for me be safe and well. Let's hope we never have an event such as this in our lifetimes again.

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