Christmas Edition Of 3 up and 3 Down

Ok I am not even close to ready for Christmas.....YIKES!!! So will keep it short today with 3 Up and 3 Down with a Christmas Twist.

Santa's Good List:

1. Steve Nash is doing it again. Throw out his birth certificate it doesn't matter. Nash has had another M.V.P worthy season as we close in on the Christmas Break. He has been great and a thrill to watch on a nightly basis. Canada's greatest baller has proven he is far from done. If he would just say yes to playing in the summer for Canada that would be the cherry on top.

2. Stan Van Gundy is never happy and probably does not belong on Santa's good list. However the ends justify the means. Despite an injury to his starting point guard, having to deal with the good and bad of Vinsanity and not having Rashard Lewis for the first 10 games..Still SVG finds a way to win. Magic Fans have to send Billy Donovan's wife a Christmas card ever year they have SVG. Donovan based on his wife's encouragement gave up the Magic head coaching job after a week after accepting it. To early to tell if Portland fans will be doing the same with Hedo's wife for the next 5 years.

3. Jarrett Jack has been vocal and playing at a high level. No Jose....No Problem. Jack in 2010 will be your Raptors starting point guard. It is just a matter of when and not if he will be now. Still no idea on when Jose could return but it is clear that Jack deserves to keep his starting spot. Just as clear as it was for Jose fans that he deserved it when T.J Ford returned from injury. Jack has been a straight shooter and you get no B.S and a heck of a point guard. It is a New Jack New Year on the way you can Marcus Banks on it!!!

and Lump of Coal

1. Chicago Bulls have been a bitter disappointment. Blowing a 35 point lead and losing to the Kings? Oh man that is not good. Chin up Chuck Swirsky but the Bulls are really hurting hard. There had all of those Kobe Bryant rumours a few seasons ago. If they were true the Bulls should have made the deal. Now they wait and hope for 2010 free agency help next year.

2. Hedo Tukoglu has been a bitter disappointment. He is starting to turn the corner we hope. However with only a few games left in 2009 he will overall be disappointing. Let's hope he can turn it around but for now he is on the naughty list. He still has lots of money to spend for the holidays so don't feel to bad for him.

3. The Eastern Conference also gets a lump of coal. The top 4 teams are not deserving but as a whole it is the same old sorry East. Will I ever live long enough to see an Eastern Conference where you need to be better than .500 to make the playoffs? I am starting to wonder as year after year the bottom of the East Playoffs is embarrassing. Come on Eastern Conference pick it up and give me some pride that the team I cover is in the East.

O.K that is it....pray for me as I brave the crazy last minute shopping madness. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays just 1 more game before the break tomorrow vs Pistons at the Palace.

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