Raptors Rewind- So Now What Edition

So Jay Triano suggested there could be 0-3 changes to the Starting line-up. The answer is 0. No we are not saying Marco Belinelli is in the starting 5. I mean 0 as in no changes. That really is disappointing when he suggested changes may come and then delivers none. Safe to say that you better win the game tonight beyond the fact you already have lost 5 in a row. When you hint at changes and don't deliver with any I would suggest the heat is on you. This has been tough times for everyone connected to the Raptors. There is no getting around it, this is a critical time for this Raptors team. They said they cleared the air today in the meeting. That is great but honest answer is you need to get W's regardless of how this team gets along or does not. Communication on the basketball court and on the defensive end were what mattered most.

1st Quarter

Raps win the tip let's hope it leads to more winning things. Good start as Bosh hits his first jumper. A rebound on the defensive end and a quick push up to Demar who scores and is fouled and makes the foul shot. Raps were coming out with purpose and Bosh in under 2 minutes had more points than he did in Atlanta. Raps start on a 10-0 run and Flip is the one having to call a time out, something Jay Triano has done many times over this losing streak. After the timeout called after a Hedo 3 ball the Raps would get called for a defensive 3 second call. Arenas would make the tech and that would be all as the Raps get a stop. Gilbert Arenas would finally get Wiz on teack hitting a 3 as they had started 0-8 from the field prior to that.

But Bargnani would get a couple baskets and the Raptors had stormed out in front to a 21-5 lead with Bosh going to the line for 2. It caused me to tweet "Who the Heck are these Guys?" Arenas the only Wizard getting anything to this point. First 2 off the bench were Amir and Antonie for Bosh and Hedo. Demar Derozan was about the only Raptor that played well in ATL and he was carrying it over tonight. To this point the Wizards looked like the Redskins with a similar score line with Raptors up 24-7. Raptors were really hustling on both ends to this point. Jack in and he makes a 3 and the Raps lead was still 12. Amir Johnson goes hard to the hoop and the Raps had a 2 touchdown lead(27-14) in the 1st. This team actually can defend please someone call headline news. Jay Triano was making quicker rotations and early on it was paying off. But the Wizards were making a push to get back in it but still were down 10. Raps have a solid 12 in the books and lead 27-17.

2nd Quarter

Raps who had their Defense in the witness protection program and tonight it was back and holding Wiz to shooting just 20%. A bad start to the 2nd as Boykins scores and a steal for another easy score. Hedo would hit a timely 3 pointer. Bosh may have been silent in the meeting today but not on the floor tonight he drove and scored plus the foul and the Raps were back up by 9 leading 33-24. Little Earl Boykins was a thorn in the Raptors side earlier in the week. He was doing it again and the Wizards had closed to with in 5....make it 3 as Boykins hits again. It was Raps leading 33-30. Hedo got a key basket and after that Bosh would draw a foul on Jamison as he would score. Demar DeRozan is growing up before my eyes with the drive and Slam. Raptors hold off the first Wizards run and lead 39-32.

Gilbert Arenas hit a 3 and Jose Calderon answered on the over end and the Raptors lead was 42-35. The one knock on the Raps performance was turnovers. Bosh a silly fumble of the ball for turnover #10. It would lead to Demar picking up his second foul. Wizards cut the lead to 3...DD would finish a Jose Alley with his major Oop and the Raps lead was 5 at 44-39. Arenas would hit on a jumper and the young rookie DD with an answer in the lane. DeRozan was looking dare I say veteran like in his approach. Demar was active on both ends and looking really good. Raptors were doing a solid job on pushing the ball of makes or misses by the Wizards. D.D show would continue with a finish on the break off an Amir Johnson rebound. Raptors lead was back to 10. Raps would lose a little steam and have a 7 point lead with the final possession to the Raps.

3rd Quarter

Raps had a sweet 16 from Demar Derozan in the first half. He would pick up his 3rd foul early and The Wizards would cut the 7 point Raptor halftime lead to just 2 with and Arenas 3 ball. Making it 57-55 with 8:30ish left in 3rd. Raps were on the Ropes as Antwan Jamison who was a non factor in the first half with 3 fouls would score to again make it a 2 point lead. But Calderon and Bosh had back to back baskets to make the advantage 6. Wizards would call a time out and try to re-group.

The Wizards would push back to tie the game up at 65. Bosh would have a hige slam to give the Raps the lead back and that would be followed by a Calderon score. However the Wizards kept fighting despite the fact they were shooting the ball terrible on this night. At the end of 3 though the wizards had take away the Raptors 7 point lead and were all tied at 71. After that great first half no point for Demar Derozan in the 3rd. The Raptors allowed the Wizards back into this one. Yet another forgettable 3rd quarter. Andrea Bargnani was struggling shooting the ball on this night.

4th Quarter

Wizards opened the Quarter taking thier first lead of the night. Nick Young would hit a 3 and Wizards stormed out to a 76-71 lead. Despite a great start the Raptors found themselves in a familiar situation . Yet another miss for Andrea Bargnani he was 2 for 13. Why was he still in there? Well Amir did have 5 fouls so that is part of it but if you are shooting as bad as he (Bargnani) was pass the ball to someone else. Raptors were down 77-73 and out of a time out a big score for Bosh and the lead was 2. Bargnani would get a block but the Wizards would control it and get a Boykins 3. Wizards would get another score and make it a 7 point lead.

Bargnani finally made a shot...happy birthday..No it's not his birthday but whatever. Raps were back to within 4. Wiz would push it back to 6 point lead and Hedo would take a shot and get to the line it seemed to get him a bit upset. Maybe that will wake him up. He would make the freebies after the time out. Haywood would make a pair at the line and Bosh would answer with a foul line jumper. Wizards were on top 86-82 with 5 to play. Bargnani would miss yet again but Bosh would crash the offensive boards and would not be denied as he would eventually score and draw the and 1 foul that he would make. Bargnani has been pretty useless on this night and he would foul Jamison who split a pair. Bargnani would then take an offensive foul and if the Raptors lose there is your goat. Wizards would score and Bargnani as if he read what I just typed hit a jumper to cut the lead to 2.

The lead was 2 with just 3 to play....do you want it? Let's see it!!! After the Wizards split a pair Bosh would hit a fading jumper. Chris Bosh was trying to will his team to a win. Wizard were having some issues at the line as Jamison splits a pair. Bargnani gets a fortunate roll and ever since I jumped on him is 3 for 3. Raps lead 92-91. The Wizards would retake the lead. Bosh would fumble the ball and recover it might have been a travel but it was not called. He would recover and score and draw the foul. He had 27 and 16 and was doing everything he could possible to get his team a win. Raptors lead 94-93. Arenas was fouled and he went to the line looking to give his team the lead. He would split a pair but the Wizards would get the rebound tied at 94. Hedo Turkoglu and Jarrett Jack would team up to steal the ball from little Earl Boykins. 30 seconds to go and the Raptors called a time out. A great play between Hedo and Bosh on the screen and roll and Bosh would draw the foul. Bosh would make the first and the second...Raps lead 96-94 with 19 seconds left. Arenas out of the time out would make a tough jumper over Jack and is able to tie it at 96. 13 seconds left and the Raps have the ball. The Raps would get Hedo attempt from 3 as he ran a pick and pop with Bosh..Shot no good...OVERTIME!!!


Bosh wins the tap to start overtime. Bargnani with a good effort and a tap back for the score. Caron Butler had a quick 3 point answer ans the wizards jumped on top by 1. Bosh draws foul number 5 on Jamison...non shooting. Calderon Uno...ETC...ETC...he hit the bug money 3 ball. Jamison answers with a 3. Bosh hits a jumper for 2 and these teams were trading the lead like ping pong. wizards first to blink as they miss and Hedo hits a big 3 in OT...would have like to see it at the end of the 4th but will take it now. Hedo hitting the deck on D and tying it up for a jumpball. Hedo would win it and there was 2 minutes to play. Bosh would mis on a jumper but got back on D and got the block on Jamison and Hedo would end up at the line with a chance to extend a 4 point lead with 1:36 to play. Hedo would make 1 of 2. Wizards would turn it over as Arenas would run into Boykins and Jack would pick up the fumble and call time out. Raps would fail to score but used they full 24 seconds. Butler would quickly get fouled and get to the line and make a pait the lead for 3 with 53 seconds left in the OT. Bosh would miss a jumper and Arenas would hit a 3 in transition and hit it...Tied up again and this was another wild Raps and Wizards game...what's new. 30 seconds and Raps ball tied at 107. raps would catch a huge break as the ball went out off the Wizards on a bad pass. 4 seconds on the shot clock and 10.6 left in overtime. Hedo out of the time out with the dagger...count it. Raps were up 2 with just 8 seconds left. Arenas drives and...NO...Tap back...NO...RAPS WIN RAPS WIN...109-107 in OVEEERRRTTIIMME!!!

Whatever they said in that meeting you saw a different Raptors team they showed heart and guts and pulled out a win. They needed it badly and more importantly at the end of it wanted it more!!! Great win and hopefully something to build off. Raptors take it 109-107 in OT

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