Jack Armstrong Makes A Holiday Visit To The DNB

Well tonight was not pretty in Orlando. I live blogged the game for The Score so if you want to get the blow by blow of another though loss for the Raptors you can check it out on The Score.com. Jack Armstrong just returned from Florida as he called the first half of this back to back in Miami which was also a disappointing, to say the least, defeat to Miami. One of the things I have always admired and respected about Jack is his honesty in his thoughts and opinions about this team over the years. He was no different today, when I had a chance to talk with him prior to the Orlando Magic game tonight. Unfortunately the audio is not the greatest. However the conversation that we had was. So I hope that it will not impact to greatly on your listening enjoyment. I did the best I could to make the problems less of a distraction. Sometimes in dealing with cell phones it can be hit or miss. We get into a conversation about the general frustration that has been the Toronto Raptors. I ask some questions that call on Jack and his experience as a coach. He was at one time the youngest coach in Division 1 College basketball in the NCAA. We talk about a number of the issues for Jay Triano. Also we talk about this team and it's lack of defense and inconsistency. In addition 2 players that Jack had said he has been personally disappointed with in Hedo and Marco. Along with some thoughts on the Raptors point guard situation once Jose Calderon returns. Which is still very much up in the air. This along with what I reference as the Elephant in the room in Chris Bosh's contract status in the midst of this down period for the basketball team. We do have a little fun at the end of all of this. Jack is kind enough to do a little something for me as a bit of a birthday gift for the Dino Nation Blog's biggest fan....My mom. It is her birthday today and she is a big fan of snow. Not something we share. So hopefully you all enjoy this Christmas time visit with Jack Armstrong. I personally think that to have Jack working for the Raptors is a great gift for anyone that is a fan of the sport and the Raptors all year long.

I want to wish Jack and his family all the best this Christmas and to all of you that ready the Dino Nation Blog may you and your families enjoy this holiday season as well. It may not be the greatest time for the Raptors right now, but in this holiday season do not let it turn you into a scrooge and make sure you still enjoy what life has to offer. Basketball is a great distraction and is great entertainment but it is far from life and death. If you get to the point you have had enough holiday family time the NBA has 5 games on Christmas Day. I remember the old days when it was just one.

All that being said is it to much to ask to hold a team under 60 points in a half? I mean come on....Oh well Happy Holidays from the DNB to all of you.

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