Go Huskies Go

No we have not become a blog on the UConn Huskies. The Raptors bust out the retro Toronto Huskies uniforms. The Toronto Huskies hosted the New York Knickerbockers on November 1st 1946 for the first game in NBA history. The Huskies would only last that first season and finish with a record of 22-38. Former Raptor and Celtic Dee Brown will be in the house tonight for this one. He was most famous for winning a Slam Dunk Title as a Celtic with his dunk hiding his eyes as he jammed it home. He played in the later stages of his career with the Raptors and was one of the players on those early Raptor teams pushing to make the playoffs. The current Raptors turned Huskies for the night are looking for their 3rd straight win. The Raps have won 10 straight games vs the T-Wolves in the recent history of this match-up. No idea if the Huskies every played the Minneapolis Lakers. I do joke about being old, but I am no where close to that old.

The Raptors look to keep the ball rolling as this is the first half of yet another back to back. The Raps will be off to Milwaukee after this one to take on the surprising Bucks and Brandon Jennings. First thing first though as the T-Wolves have a new direction under Kurt Rambis but to this point the same old results they have had in the post K.G era. They have there own stud rookie as well in Jonny Flynn. I am a huge fan of Flynn and around the draft he was my choice for the Raptors but he never made it to the Raptors pick.at #9. Who the Raptors did pick in Demar DeRozan is starting to show signs as he has scored in double figures in his last 3 games.

Kevin Love will be in the line-up for the T-Wolves. I personally have never been high on Love. The player of course. He may have his most notable things happening off the court and on Twitter as he leaked the firing of Kevin McCale and for blasting his team during the draft via twitter. He returns from injury and will be a force on the glass that the Raptors(Oops Huskies) must account for.

I wonder if this means in 55 years they will bring back the purple dino uniforms. There is something to live the next 55 years to find out. Wonder what the kids in 2065 will think of those?

You have to hope the Raptors keep the foot on the gas pedal tonight and do not let up thinking that the T-wolves are an easy win. If the Raptors have learned anything from their struggles early on in this season, it should be that they can not afford to take anyone lightly. The Raps have a realistic shot at winning 4 games in a row if they can take this back to back set they will have done it. After that they will return to the place where they bottomed out as they will host the Hawks on Friday. Only makes sense the Raptors will be motivated to perform better in that one. Hard to imagine they could play much worse.

So for tonight Go Huskies Go.

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