Raptors Rewind- Merry in Motown?

It is a banged up group of Pistons. Charlie V and Ben Gordon will give it a go. Rip Hamilton and Prince will not. Raps still no Jose and no Reggie Evans. The pistons played last night and lost to the Bobcats. While the Raptors have been idle since a win over the Hornets on Sunday. Can the Raptors keep things rolling into the Christmas break. We are about to find out. Pistons have always had good success vs Toronto but the Pistons are on a serious decline and have lost their last 5 games as they enter this extended back to back with the Raptors. Christmas is almost here but a little business to take care of before then. Key to the Raptors hold a team under a hundred you win the Raps are an NBA best 10-0 when they do that.

1st Quarter

Both teams fail to score on their opening possessions. Bargnani opens up the score sheet with a jumper for 2. Rodney Stuck answers with a runner and we are tied at 2. Demar DeRozan gets to the line and makes a couple once he gets there. A few early turnovers for the Raptors was not a good thing. Another bad sign Pistons were getting on the glass on both ends. Pistons had an early 8-6 lead. An easy dunk for Jason Maxiell and a second chance score and Pistons were working hard and being rewarded lead 12-7. This game was off to a slow start and Raptors were sleep walking a bit and trailing 14-11. The good news is the Pistons were not exactly running away with things and Raps were slowly coming around. Jack to Bosh for a slam and maybe that will wake up the troops as Raps lead 19-16. Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems were in the game and matching the Detroit hustle.

Proof... as Johnson and Weems leads to the Sonny Slam!!! The Raptors Young Guns getting it done. big props to the bench guys who have got this game back on track. Bargnani not a bench guy currently hits a big 3. Raptors lead 24-16 but Pistons come back and score and get the foul plus a foul get 3 of their own. Hedo missed an easy lay-up off a Bosh pick. It was far from great but Raptors take a 25-21 lead after one in the motor city.

2nd Quarter

Raps were still looking like they had one to many egg nogs the night before and Pistons came out and got the jump and tied it up at 27. Raps but Jack back in and say bye bye to Banks. It pays off with a J-Jack 3.....Raps reel off 5 straight after the Pistons tied it. Marco Belinelli makes it an 8-0 run hitting a 3 it has been awhile. Marco was on fire with 7 off the bench and Raptors on a 10-0 run leading 37-27. This game had a real sluggish feel to it. The Raptors should win this one easily but you had the feeling they were not going to make it easy even though they have an 8 point lead. There is the chance I might be wrong. it happens to the best of us. Raptors on a 15-2 run thanks to team Italy mostly with Marco and Andrea getting it done on the offensive end.

Team Georgia Tech wants in on the act..J-Jack the corner 3 you can book it like me on Santa's good list. Raptors rolling now leading 45-31. Boing his part for team G-Tech Chris Bosh makes the hook shot in the lane. Raptors have a 47-33 lead against the under armed Pistons. Finally even Hedo gets on track as he makes an open 3. Some folks don't want to rock the boat but I got new for those folks...you are looking at the Raptors starting point guard moving forward. You do not need sources or insider info to see that Jarrett Jack is EARNING the starting job. We all got 2 eyes in our heads and can see it. Well some of us can. Raptors were up huge 54-37.

3rd Quarter

Hedo was wide awake and hitting a 3 pointer and the Raptors lead was 20. Pistons were just under manned and had run out of the fight they had early. Hedo would hit the youngster DeRozan and Hedo had 8 assists to go with 8 points. This one had turned into a laugher as the Raps were ho ho hoing along to a win up 67-44. The Raptors only thing that did not go there way was a Marco Belinelli 3 at the buzzer would get dis-allowed on replay. The Raptors were rolling 74-51.

4th Quarter.

Get out the Salami and Chesse this ball game was already over Raptors leading 81-55. They were going to break the longest road losing streak in team history vs an individual team. But this is not the same Pistons team that owned the Raptors during that stretch. If I was into giving pity to the other side then I would feel terrible for Detroit. However no one ever felt sorry for us when we get killed have they? So instead I will enjoy the beating and get all happy for the holidays. Raptors have been great on O all night and after a slow start the D has been fantastic. Raptors will move to 11-0 when they hold teams to under 100. It does not take a rocket scientist to tell you what the key is for this basketball team.

Jack Armstrong has called garbage time and he is right with Raptors up 83-59. Pops and Kwame Brown match-up on the floor should tell you how this one was going. The Dino Nation Blog will be taking a Holiday Break till Monday. Some may say I started my break early but there really was not a lot to say. Raptors Rolled about covers it. This is the first win at the Palace since April 2003 for the Raptors a span of 11 games. It was a 94-64 Raptors win to make it 3 in a row.

To all of you fine folks that read and support the Dino Nation Blog thanks and may you and your families all have a Very Merry Christmas and see you on Monday with some thoughts on the re-match between these 2 teams on Sunday.

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