Programing Note

Just want to give everyone the heads up that The Dino Nation Blog is going to take a weekend off. It is a busy time of the year for everyone with the holidays and all of that. So I need a couple days to re-charge my batteries. I will be back at it on Monday giving my 100%. There is a lot to talk about and last nights Hawks game was truly awful and a tough pill to swallow. On top of the terrible result, Jose Calderon also has his status up in the air and he could be out for an extended period of time. If I get and form of an update on his status from the Raptors I will break into my weekend off and report it. But if not see you folks Monday and hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and not letting it drive you crazy. I still may fire off the odd tweet on Twitter if you really need a fix of me @dinonationblog also expecting to talk with Jack Armstong next week in the blog so that is something to look forward too.

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