Reggie Working Hard To Comeback

When things started for the Raptors back in September on of the new Raptors that quickly was embraced by the fans is Reggie Evans. In the first pre-season game in London Ontario the crowd broke out into a Reggie chat almost right away. No one could have expected that Reggie would not make it to the regular season. He would injury his foot in a pre-season game vs Boston and it has been a long frustrating time since. That being said Reggie gives a lot of credit to the the Raptors training staff and says if he was somewhere else he might be going crazy by now. He also says even though he is asked about it often he appreciates that fans are anxious to have him back. We also talk a little football as Iowa where Reggie went to school take on Georgia Tech in a bowl game. He offers some thoughts on that and how his Georgia Tech Alum team mates even know Iowa will win. Never did get a reply from Jarrett Jack or Chris Bosh to defend their school. Have a listen to Reggie in the Starting 5.

#9 Georgia Tech take on #10 Iowa in the Orange Bowl on January 5th. That is the night before the Raptors will take on Orlando for the final time this regular season. A few interested observers in the Raptors looker room for that one. Reggie just had another MRI on his foot and is doing all that he can to get back in the line-up. If you want to pass on a word of encouragement to Reggie hit him up on Twitter @ReggieEvans30 as he said it helps him keep working hard. I think everyone looks forward to him working hard on the floor sooner rather than later. He is the first one up on the bench encouraging his team. You have to love his passion and feel for what he has gone through. Hopefully 2010 will be the Year of Reggie in Raptorland. You will not meet a more kind guy off the floor. When he gets back on it is still not known but as Reggie is doing more things it is a positive sign he is heading in right direction. He continues to work hard behind closed doors to make it happen ASAP. Happy New Year to Reggie and to all of you that check out the Dino Nation Blog on a regular basis. May you all have a safe and health 2010. If you are out having fun tonight please stay safe and don't drink and drive.Want everyone to make it into 2010 in one piece.

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