Starting 5 Goes To The Dawg Pound

It is my pleasure to welcome back one of the ALL-TIME Raptor fan favourites to the Starting 5. Jerome Williams aka The JYD comes to visit us once again. We have a great conversation about his thoughts on the NBA Playoffs. He gives his thoughts on Steve Nash and his former teammate Grant Hill and Suns. Along with his general impressions of the post season. In addition, He gives some thoughts on Chris Bosh and his future. Also how the JYD might have been had he played during this age of social media. Jerome along with his work with the JYD Project (His Charitable Organization) also works with a number of NBA players in the off-season. One of those as we learned from our last interview was Amir Johnson. JYD gives his thoughts on Amir and what he did this season, as well as Amir's Young Guns running mates DeRozan and Weems. We also discuss a book Jerome has worked on with Eric Walters and his brother called Home Team. Jerome is going to be in Toronto in June to promote the book. He gives the dates in the interview. So have a listen to one of the best guys to every put on a Raptor jersey.

As Jerome mentioned you can find him both on Facebook and on Twitter. He recently celebrated a birthday but never seems to change. That is a great thing as well because the sports world and the NBA can always use more people like Jerome Williams. He brought passion and energy in his days on the floor and he brings that same passion with him in his work off of the floor. Jerome Williams is one of the better people in sports that I have ever met or dealt with. He cares about people and it is very genuine and real. That probably explains why he remains to this day one of the favourites of fans of the Raptors to this day. He will always be one of mine and it is a privilege to have a chance to talk with him. May the Dawg Pound live forever.


  1. Interesting that JYD worked with Johnson last summer. I understand that one of Johnson's nicknames is "Big Dawg"

  2. Great interview JYD was a Toronto favorite because of his hustle and love for the city. Raps have a chance to get another fan favorite who loves the City and puts it all on the floor, what do you think of bringing back Bonner this off season. He would make Hedo look even worse.1592

  3. His working with Johnson was mentioned in our first interview back in feb/10 or around there. Search Jerome Williams in our search engine and it should pop up for ya.

    Thanks. The Bonner thing I joked about with Anas in our staff meeting podcast. I think Toronto would be hi on the list given me married a girl from here and they live in Toronto in off-season. Is it a 2-way street? depends on Bosh and Johnson. If both are gone maybe Bonner slides in for a Red Rocket Return.