Calderon Still A Raptor.... Again

It would appear that Jose Calderon for the second time this summer almost was a Bobcat. While the Raptors did see Marco Bellinelli get dealt to New Orleans there was another trade being talked about. Apparently the Raptors were willing to take back T.J Ford if it meant getting rid of Jose. How ironic is that. But the fact Ford's contract ends after this year at a price tag of 8.5 million would be the motivation. It was suppose to be part of a 4 way trade that would have seen to 2 former Raptors back court mates involved. But it never happened. The Pacers have been trying to move Ford for the entire off-season. It has even got to the point that the Pacers have been trying to buyout Ford. However according to Mike Wells, Pacers beat reporter, he says Ford is having none of that.

Things have gone just as bad for Ford since he was voted off the island here in Toronto. He once again will be relegated to a back up roll if he is lucky in Indiana. You can't help but wonder, if Al Horford doesn't send him crashing to the ground what might have been. Not just for T.J but the Raptors. It is safe to say Jose Calderon doesn't have his over priced contract for a start.

I had joked about Ford coming back in a straight up trade for Calderon. This wasn't that, but we almost saw Bryan Colangelo reverse his decision on the point guard spot. Well not exactly, because the one thing that Ford and Calderon share other than being on same team in Toronto, is that Jarrett Jack beat out both for their starting jobs. When you consider part of that Ford trade also gave up Roy Hibbert for Nathan Jawai it looks even worse. When you add in the fact, J.O and his expiring contract contribute to the cap space in Miami you just want to scream. Some how acquiring Julian Wright doesn't make me forget all about that.

In fact for everyday Calderon remains a Raptor, it only reminds people more of the deal that Colangelo was not able to close with the Bobcats. In fact everything Colangelo does from now until that starting of the season is going to be overshadowed by that. It was really such a fantastic trade and in the end it was to good to be true. That now becomes the bar that Colangelo has set for himself thanks to some help from M.J and or Larry Brown. It is a bar that at least for me is going to be hard to top.

It also doesn't help that everywhere I turn I see Chris Bosh. He was on Regis and Kelly this morning and he is going to be on one of my favourite shows Entourage this Sunday. If leaving Toronto was about getting attention Bosh is getting it ten fold. Bosh having his effort called into question by Colangelo was not a wise move on B.C's part as well. It really served no purpose other than to attempt to deflect attention and blame away from himself.

I thought the summer T.J Ford was traded would be the worse off-season that I would personally have to endure. I was wrong about that, as this summer has been far worse for a variety of reasons. Even if T.J Ford was coming back to Toronto, I am not even sure if that would bring a smile to my face at this point.

Closing things out today, if you are in the Toronto area and have 20 bucks you can afford to spend, go tonight or tomorrow night to support the Canadian Men's National Team taking on France at the ACC. A couple years ago I went to games in Hamilton and the crowd that turned out for those games was pretty depressing. Especially when a good third of the crowd was cheering for the other country they were playing against on that occasion. Canada Basketball is developing some talent and on the youth levels has enjoyed some success. Support them and support the sport. If you need motivation beyond that, the Raptors Dance Pak is going to be in the house I am told. Whatever it takes to get people to go support Canada Basketball, I am down for doing it. To bad the people in our government are not the same. Matt Bonner is still not a Canadian Citizen as he remains tied up in red tape. He should have lied on his application and said he played hockey.


  1. All this talk about Bosh leaving for attention is just major BS in my opinion...the guy left cuz he knew there was "no chance in hell"(Vince McMahon quote) of ever winning a title or coming close to winning one in Toronto, and in the process of leaving more endorsement deals became available...the same would have happened if he had went to LA, NY,Chicago or any other big name NBA franchise

  2. The fact he has been doing Media everwhere it seems that will have him at least speaks to it being at least part of it. I also don't agree it would be the same it is part of the whole Miami Big 3 thing that is fueling this. Do you see James and Wade going on every show under the sun? Nope only Bosh which speaks to this I think.

    There is no doubt the Raptors failure to build a team around him is a factor as well. I have stated that in this blog.