Anthony Carter Out? Let Trade Talk Begin

Yet to be confirmed, but Doug Smith has said (Via Twitter) the Raptors are expected to release Anthony Carter. This would leave the Raptors with just 2 point guards and with trade deadline coming people will read more into this minor move without question.

However, at this time of year every move be it minor or not, it will lead to speculation of some bigger move to be made based on the small move. Does this mean the Raptors are shopping for a point guard? This could also mean the opposite in that the Raptors are not going to entertain the idea of moving Jose Calderon at all.

It could just be that Carter was honestly been a train wreck and never brought anything to table at all for the most part. Guess his veteran leadership is no longer required if it ever was to begin with. I would suspect will hear something on this from the Raptors at some point today prior to their next game on Wednesday at home vs the Rockets.

It is 9 days till March 15th so all your rumours or actual moves will be confirmed or denied by that time. I would suspect the Raptors main chip to move is Barbosa and beyond that anything else would be a bit of surprise to me. But will see what happens. I am sure many will be rushing to their trade machines to make up their fantasy trades so have at it. If only trades were that simple.

More on this if it becomes official later today. If not will have something for you in the DNB tonight so either way enjoy your Tuesday and talk to you later.

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