Sonny Weems Future Likely Not With Raptors

Sonny Weems we still have lots of love for here in the DNB. Recently we showed you the YouTube video of him doing his thing in a dunk contest over in Europe. His agent made an appearance on the Fan 590 show "Hoops" to talk about another client you might have heard of in Jeremy Lin. But after the linsanity topic was done the subject of Sonny Weems came up.

He stated that Sonny will in fact be looking to return to the NBA after his contract in Lithuanian ends some time in May. He also stated that both he and his client were not exactly thrilled with the Raptors. He mentioned the fact that Weems had good performance vs Charlotte where he scored 19 points, followed by James Johnson being acquired via trade and his client was ushered to the bench in favour of Johnson. After Johnson was acquired Weems minutes drastically dipped. The Raptors did decide to make a qualifying offer to keep the RFA rights to Weems. His agent said that decline in minutes combined with his situation with the NBA Lockout and the chance of no season led them to the decision to sign with no out clause to return to the NBA.

He stated that when returning to the NBA that Toronto would not be his first choice for his client to return too. That they would look for deals elsewhere. If the Raptors decided to keep his RFA rights they would still look for a deal elsewhere. If the Raptors decided to match an offer from another team Sonny would return to Toronto and be a professional about it. He also stated how much Sonny still loves the fans in Toronto. It looks like by all accounts that Weem's agent is looking to find a new home for his client. The fact that Bryan Colangelo totally ignored the fact Weems was still an option did not sit well with Sonny as he was watching it, as he has many Raptor Games this season. Here is what I wrote on that at the time.

I have always liked Sonny and we are working on having him as guest when his season is finished in Europe sometime in May. He will always be a guy that I will always still consider part of team DNB even if he isn't a Raptor. Just like I do with T.J Ford, Reggie Evans and others. His agent promises you will see a improved Sonny Weems that will open eyes when he returns to the NBA. That looks almost certain it will not be with Toronto unless something dramatically changes.

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