Trade Deadline Day: Barbosa Is A Pacer.

11:25 am: It appears the best the Toronto Raptors could do is get a 2nd round pick for Leandro Barbosa. Marc Spears of Yahoo was the first to break this trade and several sources including David Aldridge from NBA TV/Turner have confirmed the deal. It was not made clear is this is the Pacers pick or not but if it is the Raptors didn't exactly get a ton in return for Barbosa. No players were required to come back and Pacers had roughly 13 million in room to make the addition. This will help the Pacers out adding some scoring to their bench.

More updates as they become available. I will just be updating this post for the rest of the day. It would be a surprise if the Raptors did anything else though.

Just a Note 2:10pm: Anthony Carter who the Raptors never officially released is part of trade as well. There is also a TPE exception that will kick in for 7.6 Million or there about. Given how the Raptors botched that with the Bosh sign and trade so if you choose to believe that they won't do it again that is significant. But in the end it is nothing more than possible flexibility down the line. As I said at time of the Bosh sign and trade TPE is not wearing a uniform and until it turns into that it is nothing.

Update 2:45- Mike Wells who covers the Pacers says Anthony Carter is NOT part of this trade. Proving that no one truly wants Anthony Carter...LOL.

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