Raptors Camo Will Not Avoid Them Being The Bullseye

Raptor can wear their pajamas, camouflage or bunny suits. It is not going to change the simple fact that the Bulls are a much better team. That fact remains true even if Derrick Rose doesn't play. If he were to play the job of stopping him might me more difficult as Jerryd Bayless suffered a left hip pointer and would be questionable for this one. The Bulls can offer the Raptors some hope for the future in terms of Tom Thibodeau who was a long time assistant with a defensive background. Dwane Casey has a similar defensive background and despite the Raptors record has firmly established the defensive culture with the Raptors.

That is why the end of last night's game in New York had to not sit well with Casey where the Raptors basically just caved in. It was a poor defensive effort overall for most of the night. It seemed the Raptors had no answers and were left frustrated. Aaron Gray had a blow up and was tossed from the game. While the Raptors had a legit excuse for their performance in Charlotte the same can not be said for last night in New York.

The only question about this game will if the Raptors performance is more ugly than the uniforms they will be wearing. The Bulls are looking to hold off the Heat and finish with top record in the east for a second straight season. It is going to be interesting to see if they can. The Raptors will face the Knicks again after this followed by these same Bulls in Chicago.

Normally three keys would come next but basically prayer would be the only key for the Raptors to get a win in this one.

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