Sonny Weems Is Best Dunker In World for 2012

You may have read my rant on the recent All-Star Saturday Night in Orlando. Former Raptor Sonny Weems shows us what a Dunk Contest is suppose to look like.

I saw no stupid gimmick just dunks. Now there are lots of people that might claim to be the best dunker in the world for 2012 but I never saw any of them bothering to show up on Saturday Night in Orlando. While the winner of that contest was more by default. So with that all said Sonny Weems is you Best Dunker in The World for 2012. He still has his rights held by the Raptors and I hope one day we get to see a Derozan vs Weems showdown that involves two guys that keep their dunk contests old school the way it should be.

Lebron James likely should be the Best Dunker in World but just like a shot with the game on the line he took a pass on the NBA Dunk Contest again. Best player in the world has no guts or confidence that he can win. Maybe that is why he still has no NBA Title rings. One of the best basketball stories is the one when Larry Bird walks into the locker room prior to first three point shootout and asks who thinks they are coming in 2nd? That was swag before swag was a word.

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