Dino Blogger Game Notes From Buck vs Raptors

The Raptors were coming off a horrible effort in Detroit. They also lost Jose Calderon in that game turning his ankle stepping on Brandon Knight's foot. The good news on that is Coach Casey said prior to the game the injury for less severe than first thought and Calderon will in fact travel with the team on their upcoming road trip. Casey would also end up being pleased with how his team started as opposed to less than 24 hours prior in Detroit. Andrea Bargnani would look better in just his second game back as well. Forget the face he didn't score a ton. He did have 8 rebounds which prior to this season would have been cause for celebration.

In the end it was a similar script to a lot of games this season in which the Raptors could not close the door. The Raptors after winning the first quarter 28-21 the Raptors were out battled in close 2nd and 3rd quarters and finally dropped it in the 4th being out scored by 7. The Raptors had no answers for a couple Bucks in particular in Ilyasova and Drew Gooden. Ersan had 31 to lead all scorers and Gooden dropped 21 which was the same total Demar DeRozan in the game. Gooden
was a more efficient 7-11 compared to DeRozan who was 9-22.

As for Bargnani he played 30 minutes and had 11 points and 8 rebounds in his second game back in the fold. Casey was not able to play him as much as he wanted too down the stretch. However the Raptors are committed to limiting his minutes and trying to avoid an injury for a third time. However after the game Andrea said that he feels great and is not worried about the injury when he is out there.

Raptors drop another game the likely had a chance to win. Which was very frustrating for Jerryd Bayless most of all who did have nice 16 point and 6 assist night filling in for the injured Calderon in the starting line-up. Bucks take it 105-99.

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