We Are Talking About Pizza....Not A Game.

Earlier today I mentioned about the Raptor fans yet again cheering for Pizza. It inspired me to create this video:

Here is what SVG had to say referenced in our video:


  1. Let's hope Pizza Pizza sales have gone up thanks to the Raptors!!! Lol!!

  2. Let me make it clear I am not against the promotion of Pizza Pizza or fans getting something. Just the result of how the promotion is laid out and the embarrassing results that come out of it on many occasions.

    Change the promotion to holding a team under 80 points and I think you fix the issue for most part. Pizza Pizza is happy cause that is a rare event. Raptors are happy cause it follows their basketball change of direction to thinking Defense. Loyal fans that care about basketball are happy because they are not lumped in with some silly people that seem more concerned with Pizza than basketball.

    Everyone Wins...that is a promotion that works for all.

  3. C'mon, you've worked in radio, right? People love getting stuff for free. You could give them a pencil, a coaster, whatever...

    and they're all over it. ;)

    So I'm not surprised that people act like idiots over a $3 slice of pizza.

  4. It is not a surprise anymore it has become a problem. There is a time and a place and a way to do promotions properly.