Adnan Virk Of Raps T.V In Starting 5

Today in the starting 5 it is a pleasure for me to welcome back Adnan Virk. I got to know Adnan long before he was "The Baller" when we worked together. He has done very well for himself since those days. He recently made the move from The Score to Raptors T.V and will also be working on the other networks of the MLSE family. When I do an interview with Adnan you never know what might happen. This time around we talk about Bryan Colangelo, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Bosh, Demar Derozan and Jarrett Jack. That along with some thoughts on Adnan's new job and he even offers me one. It is always fun talking with Adnan and we have a lot of fun doing our interviews together. There is near the end someone in the background who is not exactly a fan of our interview. But hopeful you will be a fan of what we did this time around. It sounds like Adnan is going to be a very busy guy, but I will do my best to bring him back whenever possible. He truly is one of the funnier people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Now if I could just get him to call me James instead of Jimmy. It was a nickname from when we worked together, although I forget the exact reason why.

Adnan did mention his blog on Raptors.com I will have to add that to the Web Directory. Right now his blogs are going under the Raptors TV blog. Not sure if that will change once the season starts I guess will see. But Adnan is always a guy that brings a lot of fun and energy to what he does. I am looking forward to him being part of the crew on Raps TV for this upcoming season. Hope you enjoyed this latest chat with the two of us. You truly never know what you are going to get when the two of us get together. The only guarantee is we both do are very best to be entertaining and informative. All the best to Adnan in this move and wish him nothing but success. Also the weather in Southern Ontario was not good. So you may not have been able to check out DNB Radio, but you can hear the full show if you check over on the right under DNB RADIO.


  1. Too much small talk, needs more direct questions basketball related. Although it would be just opinions about how we would do but better hearing than talking of Simosas/Tennis and what have you.

    Thanks for this though James.

  2. I admit myself and Adnan can get off the beaten path at times. But we try to have fun and talk some ball as well. He is the one guest I have that I know more than anyone so we tend to have fun and joke around a bit more than the average DNB guest.