No Pizza For You

In a season that seems to be here we go again, this is yet another example of something from the past coming back again. Everyone is familiar with the pizza promotion the Raptors do for scoring 100 points. In fact along with booing Vince Carter there is also a reference to it in NBA live 10. The Raptors last night failed to show the urgency that was required to win a basketball game when you have lost 3 in a row. While the fans at the end when it was CLEAR the Raptors had lost 4 in a row they cheer Hedo Turkoglu's 3 pointer that gave them free pizza. Let's not even go into the fact that Hedo has under performed and been a major disappointment and may not be worthy of cheers under any circumstances. He had a turnover that was pretty much the last straw in hope for winning that game. At least he gave the fans a 3 dollar slice of Pizza? Ridiculous and stupid.

We all like to think that Toronto has come a long way as a basketball city. There are many more knowledgeable people in the fan base and here on the internet. Yet all of those people have to endure the fact that we have moronic fans that are more concerned about if they get a free slice of pizza then a much needed win? How on earth can we expect people to take this city seriously as a basketball fan base? I have no idea what the players think about it. However if it were me I would be embarrassed by it.

I posted my displeasure on Twitter and got some responses. The best one I got suggested that the Raps should make the give away for when the Raptors hold the other team under a 100 points. They also suggested it should be for free Chinese food. That part was humorous but the first part I agree with. If you are going to keep this promotion with Pizza Pizza make it about something positive. This team has had it's challenges on D and average well above giving up 100 points so make it about stopping teams. If 100 is to high a number make it 90.

When it comes to all those people that cheered for the Pizza I hope it was worth it. When this team misses the playoffs in April, if they do, make sure you do not complain because you got your Pizza. It is insulting to the true fans of this team and this sport when this happens. It is one thing when fans boo Vince Carter but it is another when fans cheer for a slice of Pizza. It is safe to assume that everyone that was at the game paid at the least 10 times the value of that pizza to go. It is likely more than that but I am not going to take the time to do the math. Point is if you can afford to go to a game there is a pretty good chance you can afford a slice of pizza. While true fans are concerned about Playoffs and Wins...some are more into Cheese and Pepperoni. How pathetic is that? About has pathetic as the effort the Raptors put in last night in a loss to the Wizards.

The Raps now hit the road to Atlanta were they have to beg to get fans. I will gladly take those hardcore Hawk fans to be Raps fans over those fans that would like to cheer for Pizza. Maybe we can deport those fans to Atlanta they will have you because they are desperate for any fans. Where as in my mind we can do with out you. There are enough "Real" fans that you are not required. So instead of wasting your money on a Raptors ticket go by 10 slices of pizza and save us all the bother of having to deal with your stupidity.

I have even let it impact on me by wasting space having to make an issue of this. We should be talking about how on earth does the team get better. Should Amir Johnson be a starter and have Andrea take a seat? Will Jose Calderon ever be good again? Should Jay Triano be worried about his job? But were not talking about the game that I work my butt off to cover each day. No were talking about Pizza...not a game...Pizza.

By the way that reminds me....Welcome back to the NBA AI...Be thankful people are talking about Practice and not PIZZA!!!

Oh and I will be live blogging the Hawks and Raps for The Score...safe to say it will not be a Pizza Party but hopefully it will be fun. Raps are in very tough to get a win tonight. But at least it will not be a loss in front of a full house in the ATL.


  1. I don't think you should be too harsh on the people who got their free pizza. I'd cheer for every point the Raptors make thought another loss is disappointing.

    The idea of getting a free pizza from Pizza Pizza for the Raptors getting 100 points is encouraging but I doubt that's a driving force for the Raptors to put up the numbers.

    I just hope the Raptors get it together and start winning again.

  2. That last point is the point. We expect the players to take loses to heart and for them to care. So when fans are cheering cause they get a slice of pizza is that not be hypocritical? It is about W's and L's not Pizza.

  3. This team Is definitely going in the wrong direction, I think I was right, at the end of last season, I wanted to rebuild and start over, because I saw that a core of Bosh, Calderon, and Bargnani was not going to work. A new future would excite more than this right now.

    Also, I think they should change the pizza thing to a free steak if they keep their opponent under 100 points.

  4. Hey James. LOVE YOUR PASSION! I agree that there are way more concerns when it comes to our beloved Raptors, but I will stand up for our "fans" albeit "Real" or not. As a fan that goes to pretty much every game night in and night out, I am somewhat personally insulted when you tell your readers/fans to go buy 10 slices of pizza instead of attending the games??? That's a bit harsh. I understand your upset, but don't take it out on the fans. They're all the Raptors got right now. Rather, talk to the coaching staff and players! Tell them to step up there game! It's a previlage to have the fans that they do. SELL OUT CROWDS??? Come on, we support our team no matter what. I'm frustrated as well. Dammit I want our team to win more than anything! First of all, sitting at the game and your team is losing with no chance of catching up or winning with 5 seconds left on the clock...it's fair for fans to chant for pizza or whatever they choose to because honestly what else is there to cheer for at that time??? Can't cheer for nothing, you're at the game you're supposed to cheer. Cheer for the other team? I don't think so. Can't cheer for the Raps for losing either. Fans are PISSED. Fans are FRUSTRATED. We BOO our team to show our disappointment. The team knows it's a love-hate relationship sometimes. The team has to give us a lil's somethin' for coming out and putting on a horrible show. If it is at the very least pizza, I'M TAKING IT! LOL You gotta show some love to those "fake" fans for cheering for something. At least they're awake unlike our Maple Leaf neighbour fans who are pretty much corporate sponsored seat holders and/or giveaways who probably know nothing about the Leafs. Question. So if our team is winning and the crowd chants for pizza, are you knocking them then??? You bring up the fact that fans are supposed to be talking about how the team is to get better. Obviously fans would and do, but they're not gonna chant "Change starting rotation!, Practice some D", Keep Amir on, etc towards the end of game time??? People are talking about options to improve our team but let's be honest, not everyone has Twitter or their own blog site, etc. It's much easier hollering for pizza anyways at that moment. The Lakers give out Taco's for keeping opponents under 100 pts. Great. We'd love for the Raps to do the same, but let's be real .. Colangelo gave us the Phoenix Suns of the East... NO DEFENSE! Taco Bell would never be short stocked! Anyhow, I'm a good Raps fan and very passionate and pissed off when our team slumps 4 games straight. I pray that Reggie is a difference maker and helps bring some "W"s. James, love your articles, love talkin' to ya on Twitter, love your passion for the game, but come on ... can't hate the Raps fans (real or fake) for wanting a slice of pizza. It's a promotion the organization decided to give the fans therefore we go with what's there. And if it ain't a "WIN" the hell I'll take a slice of PIZZA PIZZA any day! They're delicious!!! :) ALL LOVE JAMES! STILL MY NUMBER ONE TWITTER PERSON IN THE WORLD! HAHAHAHA!!! ~ROUNDER

  5. I've lost almost all my faith in Bryan Colangelo. We should try and get Rod Thorn this offseason.