Hawk vs Raps Live From Toronto Canada

Ok we will keep this brief because I am off to Toronto to catch this one live and in person. The Hawks put the boots to the Raptors on MLK day and it was not close. So what if anything can the Raptors do to stop a replay of that from happening tonight? Here are the 3 keys to the game as we see it at the DNB. We must know what were talking about because Jack Armstrong had the same 3 keys for the last game as us.

3 Keys:

Contain Josh Smith: In that MLK Match the Raptors let Josh Smith run a muck and have his way. He went off early and often. In the past Smith has fallen in love with his 3 point shot, not so much these days. But you would rather see Smith taking jumpers then driving to the basket and running in transition.

Transition Defence: This is still a Hawks team that likes to run and take advantage of some of it's athletes like Smith in transition. Make sure to take care of the ball and get back in a hurry on D. If you don't do these two things it will be a long night at the office.

Demar vs Joe: Demar DeRozan had his best game of the season. His reward a match up with Joe Johnson. For the Raptors to have a chance in this one Demar needs to win this match-up or at least keep it competitive. If Demar attacks like he did against the Nets he can get Johnson or others in foul trouble which is good for his side. On the defensive end he needs to stick with Johnson and contest shots.

So that is a real quick look at Hawks and Raps. As I said off to Toronto to catch this one live and find some folks to talk too. Been quite awhile since I have been down to the ACC for a game so looking forward to it. If you there and see a bald guy with a goatee that looks like me please say hello...I don't bite honest ask anyone.

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