Unlucky 7 as Raps Head West.

I remember having a conversation with Paul Jones during a Raptor losing streak. It is hard not to have the losses blend into one another after awhile he had said. Last night at the ACC the venue was different and so was the team they were facing but that is about it. Raptors against Boston shot 30% and did not get to the line. Last night against Blazers it was 31.8% and still no free throws. The result on the scoreboard was similar as well with the Raptors in a deep hole early that they would never climb out of completely. The Blazers 27-14 and there only concern was Lamarcus Aldridge who was a pick reason why they led was back in the locker room with a bad back. But he would return and Blazers would extend the lead out to 21 points. This is when the fans at the ACC had seen enough and let the Raptors have it booing loudly as if Vince Carter had just arrived. The Raptors would rally late in the quarter but still be outscored 20-18.

The Blazers were a team having there own struggles as they had lost 4 of their last 5. The Raptors would make the predictable but futile "tease" push and get this game to with in 5 points. But the Blazers would stomp on the gas and Lamarcus Aldridge who the Raptors passed on for Andrea Bargnani was doing the damage with 33 points and a career high 23 rebounds. It was a 94-84 Blazers win.

The Good:

  • James Johnson 23 points, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks and 2 steals shooting 10-17
  • Raps held Blazers to 40.2% Shooting.
The Bad:
  • The Glass Portland won battle on glass 55-40 and had 17 offensive boards.
  • Raptors shot 36.6% (Demar DeRozan 7-21)
The Ugly:
  • The Center Position for Raptors Amir 0 points and 4 rebounds , Aaron Gray 0 points 6 rebounds
The Raptors thankfully have a day off so we can all find something to make us smile. The will play the Clippers 3:30 Toronto time on Sunday. That will be no easy task. This season is living up to everything people thought it was going to be. Which was a really bad team. Raptors have been all that and more with injuries and the schedule making it even more so.

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