Raptors Recap Of Washington Debacle With Round Ball Review

Tonight's game was awful. It was just terrible. I figure doing a recap of this one would only add to your pain. So instead we call on our friends Joey G and J.B to recap this one. They will give you some laughs and actually tell you a little about the game. So take it away guys:

Hopefully you got a laugh or two from that. The Raptors performance tonight in Washington was no laughing matter. It was pretty awful. It is the 4th time this season where the Raptors pretty much got blown out. Raptors look for a much better effort as they return home to face the Kings. Demar DeRozan really is struggling and it is something to be concerned about. Does cutting Rasaul Butler fix things no. But should Butler be gone. You bet your life. I have never been a huge fan of Linas Kleiza but he can not return soon enough. For the brave souls who want to check out the Boxscore here it is. But be warned it isn't pretty. Nothing was about the Raptors performance in Washington.

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