Quick 3 Points On Raptors vs Cavs.

I am heading down to cover this one. Had it circled on my calender from the day the new schedule came out. Tristan Thompson's home coming was a game that I was not going to miss. His Cavs come in off a win vs the Bobkittens. Cleveland is 3-1 since there loss in the opener to the Raptors. So with not a lot of time let's get to three quick points on Cavs vs Raptors.

1. Second Time Around- This will be the first time a team gets a second look at the Raptors new defensive system (In Regular Season). In the pre-season Boston had a much better performance in the second game vs the Raptors than the first. What can Cleveland do now with film of what the Raptors were able to do against them on opening night.

2. Cavs Rookies- Kyrie Irving did not have a good NBA Debut thanks to the Raptors. Since than Irving has started to look much more like the player that was deserving of the #1 pick. While Tristan Thompson was up to the challenge of playing his home town team on opening night. Can he respond the same way when he comes home to play those same Raptors? It is going to be a challenge for the Raptors to deal with both.

3. Can Raps Build Off MSG Win? The Raptors had what could be a break through performance vs the Knicks. They were able to hang on and close the deal after play games in which they were in them but could not finish them. This is a Cavs team that will be a tougher test than the one they played on opening night.

So that is all I have for you. Going to be scrambling around to see what I can get pre-game in terms of interviews and what not. So got to get my stuff together and get on my way to Toronto it is always fun to come back to the city. It will be a night for Tristan Thompson that he likely is not going to forget regardless of the result.

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