Just When You Think The Raptors Are Better....

Honestly being a Raptor fan is a tough existence. They have a way of playing with your mind. Most Raptor fans came into this season expecting the worst. But after 6 games they had been pleasantly surprised. Confident...maybe even a little cocky. The Nets were not going to be a problem. O.K... Deron Williams and Kris Humphries were back for Nets but we got this. Not so fast. The Nets came into the ACC and the crowd was going after Hump and he in the end would get the last laugh.

It didn't start off like it was going be a bad night. But if you looked closer the signs were there. New Jersey had just a one point lead after 1 quarter 23-22. But the Raptors were getting killed on the boards. Also the Nets were not shooting well but were from beyond that 3 point line. That with second chance points and Deron Williams looking to be 100% would be the theme for the rest of the night. Williams had 24 points 9 assists and 5 rebounds with a couple of steals in his return to the Nets line-up.

The Nets would have their best quarter of the game in the 2nd outscoring Toronto 26-19 and taking a 8 point lead to the break. While Raptor fans would boo Kris Humphries, which is honestly pointless and stupid. He would do what he does and had a huge night on the glass with 9 offensive rebounds and 16 rebounds overall. He only had 6 points on 2-8 shooting but the Nets had more than enough offence on this night.

Anthony Morrow was the biggest contributor for the Nets from behind the arc going 6-10 and ending up with 24 points to match Williams scoring effort. That would be Deron Williams. The Nets actually made some obscure NBA History with at one point having 4 Williams on the floor at the same time. This was not the excuse for the Raptors troubles though as the Nets shot 48.4% behind the arc despite shooting 38.8% overall. If the Raptors could have just shown up on the glass this win was there for the taking. Amir Johnson had 10 boards and Ed Davis had 8. but they needed some help. Davis had a nice night with 11 points as well and that will get lost in the fact the Raptors did not play well as a group.

Demar DeRozan after a magical performance on Wednesday had one of his worst nights of his NBA career to this point. Just 3 points on 1-6 shooting with a couple rebounds and a couple assists. Andrea Bargnani finally came down to earth tonight. His improved defence was MIA and his numbers across the board were down. He had just 17 points shooting 6-12 with just 4 rebounds on the night. Jose Calderon had a nice stat line but his lack of ability to guard Deron Williams was on full display. Even when the Raptors put him on someone else he was getting exposed. If he is on your fantasy team you will be happy with the 19 points and 8 assists. But in reality he was not that good.

Nets outscored the Raptors in every quarter and I have consulted with math experts and they assure me that means the Raptors will lose 100% of time in this situation. Dwane Casey will no doubt have lots to say to a captive audience on a plane to Philadelphia. The Final Score was flattering to the Raptors as this game was over in the early 4th quarter. Nets get just there 2nd win of the year 97-85 at the ACC.

While tonight was no doubt disappointing. I will wait to see how the Raptors respond tomorrow night in Philly before I get to upset with anything. Raptors can ill afford to go on a bad skid now as the games will be flying at them fast and furious. After Saturday in Philly they have the dreaded back to back to back to deal with. Which includes a trip to Washington and back right in the middle. The Raptors will not have time to improve relations and meet with Obama. Tonight started a murderous 7 games in 9 days a daunting task for the Dinos or any NBA team.

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