Raptors Preview For Hungover Fans

First thing we need to talk about is fluids. Drink Gatorade and lots of it and you should be alright for the game. You see when you drink that makes you dehydrated. Honestly this is a medical fact. So go get something to drink and will get started here.

Hungover Fan Question: Who are we playing again?

Answer: Orlando

Hungover Fan Question: Is Dwight still on the Magic?

Answer: Yes he is.

Hungover Fan Question: When is the game?

Answer: 6pm

Hungover Fan Question: What Channel

Answer: TSN 2

Hungover Fan Question: Can the Raptors Win?

Answer: Anything is possible.

Hungover Fan Statement: V.C Sucks!!! V.C Sucks!!!

Answer: No that was last game he isn't in Orlando any more.

Hungover Fan Statement: Can we get Dwight Howard in a straight up trade for Bargnani?

Answer: BALL

Hungover Fan Statement: Ha Ha...Ball

Answer: Yes Ball the team that puts the ball in more wins. Allow me to refer you to this helpful video

Hungover Fan: Ball in basket...Pound The Rock...Go Raps Go!!!

Answer Good enough.

Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe New Year's and that first part about Gatorade actually works if you are actually hung over. If you are not hope you found this fun. Raptors will have a tough task today and it starts on the boards as Dwight Howard has been a beast on the glass.

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