Raps Face Atlantic Division Back to Back

Toronto Raptors are going to be some busy damn Dinos in the next little while. The NBA Sked offers them 5 games in just 6 days. It starts tonight at the ACC vs Nets. That means the most hated player in the NBA comes to town. What a joke that is. Kris Humphries is far from that. He is a good dude and I have been saying on Twitter Toronto Fans should cheer hump because we know better. He has become a much better player since his days in Toronto. All that being said with Williams banged up and Brook Lopez out it has been a struggle for the Nets. Even Hump himself has been banged up and missed the Nets last game on Wednesday. Deron Williams also practised with the Nets yesterday and will play.

In terms of the Raptors Jerryd Bayless did practice a little but I think is likely doubtful. Raptors might be wise to save him till Monday if he is ready. Given the way Jose Calderon has played of late it is not like he would get a lot of minutes anyway. After this one the Raptors travel to face believe it or not the Atlantic Division leading 76ers. But first thing is first let's give you three keys to tonight's Nets vs Raps Game.

1. Make It Tough On Deron- I have actually had cracked and bruised ribs. It is a terrible amount of pain. But the pain is not the really problem it is the fact it makes ever breath you take hard. So the Raptors should make sure to bump and bang Deron Williams as often as possible within the rules and hey maybe even outside of them a little. If he is not back to 100% (Which is likely) he will feel it.

2. Battle of the Boards- Humphries is a fantastic rebounder now. It is why he will survive this whole marriage gone wrong. But I meant on the basketball court. The Raptors despite the win vs the Cavs did lose the battle of the boards. It has been a team effort on the glass this year under Casey. So they have to do that tonight to have a chance at winning their 3rd in a row.

3. Lots of Bargnani- The Nets really don't have anyone that can match-up with Bargnani so feed him early and often and let him do his thing. Bargnani is like a player in NBA Jam on fire right now and the Nets have no fireman to put him out. So make sure you take advantage of that. It should be simple for Andrea to get 30 but against the needs be greedy and get him 40.

So that is all. If your heading down to the ACC #CheerHump because the idea of him being the most hated player in the NBA is a joke. Raptors are on a nice roll and if they could sweep this back to back might even go somewhere they haven't been in a long time. Sitting on top of the Atlantic Division. In a short season these games in the division take on more significance.

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