DNB Goes 1 on 1 with James Johnson

We had a chance to talk with both Amir Johnson and James Johnson last night. They are not brothers or even cousins to the best of my knowledge. But what they are is some pretty good interviews more times than not. We talk with James about the season to this point, His goals for the second half and his thoughts on one of his nicknames from fans "The Ninja" as well as thoughts on his coach.

All the practice and learning Johnson was talking about paid off with a win last night. Call him the Ninja, the Repo Man or whatever you like, but he has had a solid first half to his season. Room to improve, but Johnson looks to be a keeper in terms of being part of mix moving forward. In the starting 5? That remains to be seen, but what is evident is he can be a guy that can work well under Dwane Casey regardless of his role. He also changed my opinion of him, which as stubborn as I can be, that is not easy.


  1. James Johnson or this James? I am in Canada so that is why I am not...well one of the reasons.