Bobkittens Invade ACC

I am pulling double duty today with covering the game and hosting the MGDDNBVIP Contest winners. So I thought instead of your normal preview, I would ask the guys from the Round Ball Review to handle it. See how they made out?

There was actually a valid point mixed in with all that comedy. The Raptors have indeed been playing better against good teams. It would be easy to over look the Bobcats and think this has an easy win written all over it. Raptors have made it "Fan Night" as well. On Fan Night it is usually against a bad team as some way to draw some interest. Having Naughty By Nature in to perform at halftime is all part of that. It is without saying it, a game on the schedule that both has little interest, and looks like an easy win. To prove my point when Vanilla Ice started this strange tradition of novelty Rap performers at halftime; Do you remember who the Raptors played? The Answer is the New Jersey Nets. I honestly can't remember who was here for Rob Base but I will bet it wasn't anyone good.

While they suggest in the video we cancel the season if the Raptors lose might be a tad extreme. It is worth noting the Bobcats are 1-15 on the road and only have 3 wins on the season. They are on a huge losing streak of 16 in a row. The Raptors need to make it 17 and move along to the next one. If they don't it will wipe away to an extent all the good basketball they have played of late.

Also, be honest how many of you could have named 5 Bobcats? I also wonder what those people that had the draft Kemba Walker sign in their condo window think today? Maybe they will be out at this game to see the guy they wanted the Raptors to draft? Honestly they were not alone though. He has been hot of late with 21 points in his last two games. But as the old expression goes, someone has to score on a bad team. Kemba on the season is averaging 13.1 ppg and is shooting just 36.8% from the field while averaging just 3.6 assists. That doesn't exactly sound like the successor to Jose Calderon does it?

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  1. Gotta beat the Bobkittens. These guys are beyond bad, and could quite possibly be one of the worst basketball teams ever assembled. The tank runs strong with Jordan's team...

    Also, still glad that we took Jonas over Kemba. Just another volume shooter at the PG spot...which would've killed us this season.