Wilson Chandler Saga Takes Another Turn.

Well it seems Wilson Chandler is a free man. So the story we had about him not being able to sign with the Raptors has now changed. It had been reported he would have to wait about a week that would have made it impossible for him to sign with another team. Here is the update we added to the original story from the weekend.

This ongoing saga or maybe it just seems that way, has taken another twist or is it a turn? Wilson Chandler now has the green light to sign an NBA Contract and has until Thursday to make that with another team not named the Nuggets. So that puts him back in play for the Raptors. There has been talk that Raptors are looking to move Barbosa to free up more cash to offer a contract that Denver would in effect be unable to match. It is currently believed the Raptors could only offer 4.2 million where the Nuggets would have 4.6 Million to over given both teams respective Cap Situation.

According to Chandler's agent he is only interested in a long term deal and if he doesn't get one he would sit out the rest of the year and could go to Italy and play in the spring and be ready to return to the NBA next season as a RFA. Here is a story from the Denver Post that contains more info.

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