The Starting 5 With Ryan Wolstat

Ryan became someone I got to know in having access to games, and has been a regular guest here in the DNB since last season. He covers the Raptors obviously, but also has covered some NCAA Basketball in his work for the Toronto Sun. In today's interview we talk about the Raptors latest surge of positive play. Then the story that everyone in the NBA seems to be talking about in Jeremy Lin. He and the Knicks are the next team up for the Toronto Raptors. In addition, we look at where the Raptors sit in terms of the draft this year and based on that what will they do? This and some conversation about the trade deadline this season and if the Raptors will be actively looking to sell? If so, who might be at the top of that list. This along with thoughts on what has been a NBA season to forget in some ways, with the 66 game schedule marching along. All that and some good conversation and laughs about Ron Artest and Allen Iverson. All this and more in this edition of the Starting 5.

It will be interesting to watch how this season plays out, the one thing that seems to be universal in talking to the media and in my own opinion, is the respect for Dwane Casey and the job he has done. Thanks to Ryan for taking the time to talk with us and remember to check on the site and on Twitter for our promotion working with MGD this week. Where you and a guest could join us in a VIP Box for the Bobcats and Raptors as I mentioned off the top of the interview.

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