Starting 5 Chats with Audley From The Breakdown Show

Audley Stephenson is one half of the duo that each and every week bring you The Breakdown Show. It is a unique look at the NBA from a variety of prospective with a guest list of people from both NBA and the entertainment world. You can catch the show live on Sundays at 9pm or listen to on the web where it fits in your life. I have even been on the show last season. They like to say it is basketball talk the way it should be. So we talk ironically enough some basketball and some Raptors as well as the evolution of their podcast and website. You can find them on the web at The Breakdown Show.Com for their show, their book and just some good old basketball information and entertainment. That is Audley on the left as he came and visited us at our MGD Night at the Raptors Nuggets game last season. The other guy is Lanny better known to many as @_Lenito on twitter. Audley is on the Twitter Machine as well @TheAudman as well as his co-host Dave Mendonca who oddly enough is @DaveMendonca on Twitter.

In our interview we talk about the Raptors big win over Boston, thoughts on Dwane Casey, Andrea Bargnani, Demar DeRozan and the thing that everyone is talking about LINSANITY. This and much more in The Starting 5.

Thanks to Audley and hopefully will get both him and Dave back for a visit in the future. I am actually going to tomorrow's game as a fan vs the Lakers so will see if that leaves time for a DNB Preview or not. If not will have a recap of the Laker Game tomorrow night sometime once I get home and settled.

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