From One Johnson To Another.

Yesterday we had James and today we have Amir. Some of the questions are the same as well we talk about the fact Amir will be an answer to a trivia question someday. We talk about how Amir has changed from his days in Detroit and what is the same. Amir is as many know the last high school player to enter the NBA. Recently on Twitter, was kicking around the idea of bringing back the high school players in some kind of H.S round of the draft. What did Amir think of the idea and what was his idea of what you could do? He tells us, along with his thoughts on how coming straight from high school has worked for him. In addition, we talk about the season with this crazy schedule, how things have been under coach Casey and his goals for the second half of the season.

Always a good time talking with Amir. He is one of the more fun guys to talk with, and is always happy to chat with us here in the Dino Nation Blog, which we appreciate. He, as I have said in this blog before, is a fun loving warrior. He plays hard and has fun and it shines through on and off the floor.

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