Three Keys Vs Lakers

For one of the rare times in the last four years + I am going to a Raptor game as a fan. So I don't have a lot of time to do the preview so will keep it simple. Here are the 3 keys to Today's Game.

1. Raptorsystem- Make Kobe Bryant a volume shooter. The chances that 81 points happens again is very unlikely. If you make him the main scorer and take care of the other options like Gasol, Bynum and others you have a better chance at winning.

2. Bang on Boards- Get on the glass and battle with the Lakers bigs. If you let Bynum and Gasol and others crash on the class especially on the offensive end you will have little chance at winning this game.

3. Pace- The Raptors do not want to get in a shootout with the Lakers. Keep the score lower and give yourself a chance. If the game gets to 100 points than the Lakers are likely getting their first and winning this game. Famous Laker announcer Chick Hearn use to say basketball was a raise to 100 and the first team to get there usually wins. But if the Raptors want to win neither team can get there today.

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