This Week In Raptorland Is Born

I have said many times that the ultimate goal of the Dino Nation Blog is to be truly a multimedia site at the end of the day. This is a step in that direction as we launch our second podcast brand. This Week in Raptorland is what is called. It will take a look back at the last 7 days in all the things going on with the DNB and the Raptors. Your weekly catch up on the Raptors. We will mix in a few clips of things you might have heard in the past week along with some things you may not have heard. This along with a segment for you the readers,listeners and viewers of the DNB to not just listen to the show but be part of the show. Every week we are on the look out for a loyal DNB/Raptors fan to be our guest in the "Fan 5". It is your shot at minor fame as part of our podcast. You get 5 minutes to talk about anything Raptor related you choose and I will be your co-host and help you keep the car on the road. Enough of this writing stuff, time to get to show. Hope you enjoy it.

As far as a first effort goes, I am pretty pleased with how this turned out. Hopefully you enjoyed it as well. This is just the starting point so it hopefully keep growing and getting better as we roll. One of the biggest challenges is going to be getting you folks to interact and be a part of "The Fan 5" but it is a segment that I wanted to be part of this so you folks can be a part of the show. So get at me if you interested in being a guest for that in future episodes. Thanks to Lanny for doing a good job in getting that segment off the ground. I do realize that segment is in mono and the rest is in stereo will try and get it sorted out eventually.

Hope you enjoyed and will be looking to do more audio and video features in the future for your enjoyment.

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