Draft Lotto Day And Conference Finals Picks

Well the Raptors have a 1.7% chance of winning the NBA draft Lottery. The Raps the last time they were in the NBA Lottery won it and used the 1st pick to select Andrea Bargnani. To be honest I am not really busting out the lucky charms for the Raptors to win this thing. I am not convinced that Blake Griffin will be a success in the NBA. I had the same kind of feeling about Greg Oden and so far so good on that front. Griffin despite my lack of faith is the clear choice at number 1 though. Ricky Rubio is also a lock for most at number 2. This is another one that I am not sold on. He could eventually turnout but to be an impact guy right away. I have said for awhile if there is a guy this draft that I would want it is Thabeet. The big UConn star from Africa and he is a defensive force and will be in the NBA as well. He has a long way to go on the offensive end. He also could use some time in the gym to bulk up. But that is the guy of the top 3 that gets me excited.

All this being said the Raptors should be just hopeful that a team does not leap frog them and they end up falling back further in the draft. The odds of that happening is more likely than the Raptors winning. There is a 3.7% chance of the Raptors having at least one team leap frog them. So realistically the Raptors should just hope to stay locked in at #9.

The Dino Blogger rebounded nice in the second round. I picked all 4 series winners and that was much better from my round 1 performance. So I am not going to go into to much detail about it but I want to get my picks on the record so to speak.

Cavs and Magic- Eastern Conference Final

At the start of the year I actually did pick the Magic to win the East. I had them going against the L.A Lakers. So not bad that my pre-season picks have made it to the final 4. That being said I have said many times since that point that the Cavs and Lebron James have changed my mind. Magic just would need a truly magical performance to knock off the Cavs. I don't see it happening.

Cavs Win in 5

Lakers vs Nuggets- Western Conference Final

I bailed on the Magic but I am not bailing on the Lakers. Lots of people our though. But I think the Lakers will be ready for the Nuggets who have indeed been impressive. Lakers will get their act together this series and they will need to. Carmelo Anothony will need to step up for Nuggets and traditionally he has not done that very well against the Lakers. Just a few thoughts but on to the pick.

Lakers in 7

So I am keeping it short this morning because I am going to be doing a live blog right here on the Dino Nation Blog for the Draft Lottery. I had done one last year and it was a lot of fun. So join the Dino Nation Blog at 7:30 pm that is an hour before the Lotto hits the airwaves and you can watch that on The Score. So please come out and participate. We will talk Raps and NBA as we build up to the NBA Lottery.

See you tonight. Get your popcorn ready...Oh wait wrong sport....I am betting whoever the Raps select does not get a key to the city.

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