Searching For Inspiration In Raptorland

I have to say that in doing this for almost 2 years now I can not remember a point where I have felt more..Blah about the Raptors. I really don't have a lot of hope or faith in anything right now in regards to this team. You have points as a sports fan where you question your faith in things. Sports is a lot like a religion in a lot of ways. It takes faith and belief. I have worked hard at the Dino Nation Blog. In some ways though as hard as you work in some ways it is tied to how this team performs and how all of you feel about this team. I guess in how you feel about me to an extent as well. Maybe it is just the off-season blah's kicking in or the fact the NBA Playoffs have been so good and the Raptors look so far from being a team in that playoff mix at this point. I do like other sports beyond basketball. I have made it no secret hockey is not one of those. But football is. I was watching the reality show 4th and Long which is based on someone getting a shot at making the Dallas Cowboys roster. Micheal Irvin is the guy running the show. I was reminded of a line from his hall of fame speech. Look up, Get Up and Never Give Up. That is something that the Raptors, Fans and the Dino Blogger should remember. It was a rough season and I think it has taken a toll on everyone that is connected to this team or cares about this team.

The Dino Nation Blog was really a last shot at a dream for me. I have always loved sports and basketball most of all. So there is no way I am letting go of that dream. The Raptors could go 0-82 and I would not give up on what I am doing. But all of that said these are real bad times. In being a fan of this team I am trying to think of a time that was worse. Coming off that 16 win season was not a lot of fun. Glen Grundwald would take to the floor and promise Raptor fans that better days were ahead. I am not sure if many of us believed him but the fact he had the guts and balls to go out their in front of the crowd and do that was something. It ended up becoming some kind of tradition in the Grundwald era. Bryan Colangelo has never said I am sorry for this past season. Perhaps he should have. But that just would not fit the whole Bryan Colangelo image. He now faces a challenge that is perhaps greater than the one he faced when he first arrived on the scene.

I say that for a number of reasons but at the top of that list is an NBA off season in which no one is quite sure what to expect. These tough times economically have lead to some teams being in some serious trouble money wise. You have a free agent market in which no one is quiet sure the value of players. How much do you pay an Iverson, Marion an Artest. Same goes for a younger guy in Trevor Ariza what does he get. All good questions but the biggest question is what happens to Chris Bosh and is he going to remain in Toronto and if not how long does he stay? How Colangelo manages his way through the whole Bosh situation is likely going to define him in the history books in a good or bad way.

He only needs to look at the guy he replaced for proof. A bad trade for Vince Carter and drafting a Brazilian bust are what will we remember Rob Babcock for. Bryan Colangelo does have some good things that will not be forgotten though. He did but together the first ever Division Champs for the franchise. But in this what have you done for me lately world that seems like it was a 100 years ago.

It is a long off season but to be honest when it comes to the Raptors I almost feel like someone that is trying to stick it out in a relationship or marriage that isn't working. Those kind of situations never tend to work out well. Maybe Bryan Colangelo will try to fix things with a positive off season. Not unlike the typical I am sorry and things will be better you get in that kind of toxic relationship that I mentioned. 15 years in any relationship is a long time and I am growing grumpy and unsatisfied. For those of you that have been along for the ride for the entire way feel the same? What would it take for you to say enough is enough and file for divorce or a break up from the Toronto Raptors? I would love to see some comments on that.

That is all for today back to listening to the banging going on over my head. If you did no read yesterday I am not losing my mind just have people working on the roof on the building I call home.

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